Why Most Entreprenewbies Fail


Why Most Entreprenewbies Fail (1)
In the world of offline businesses, nearly 95% of the startups fail within 10 years. In the world of the internet, the numbers are likely to be equally depressing. Most of the time, the reason for these failures lies more in the attitude of potential business owners (‘entreprenewbies’) than in the other causes. The issue can begin before businesses even start…

Find 20 people who have a reason who are deciding to launch their own company and the chances are that 19 or even all of them will say they’re looking to earn more money. It sounds great and sounds like a solid reason for a goal would you agree? The issue is that making cash’, or making extra money is a procedure but not a final objective.

One of the most commonly heard truisms regarding starting your own company either online or offline is that everything will take longer than you imagine and will cost more than you’d like. The small portion of entrepreneurs who succeed are people who have the determination and determination to fight even after the majority of people have given up. They are the ones whose goals are enough to persevere when all around them are telling them that they must give up because it’s impossible.

The essential traits such as perseverance, dedication, and determination are driven by your dreams, and the more strongly and the more clearly you envision your future as ideal and the more enthusiastic you are. The main difference in this lies in the fact that emotion is an experience, an emotion – and money is merely an asset. While money is essential in daily life on every level, however, it’s not the required fuel to keep you focused during the challenging, and often tough, beginnings of a business.

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What is it that is fueling that flame? If money isn’t the main objective, why does it become important to succeed? What do successful entrepreneurs wish to pursue and lust after?


The most successful business owners understand that money is nothing more than the tool that they use to purchase their freedom. It’s the only universal tool of freedom, but freedom can mean different things to individuals…

For many, it’s the ability to spend whatever they want anytime they want. Do not confuse that with the goal of ‘paying off every debt I have’ this is a bad goal since it makes you focused on your current debt burden. Instead, focus on your freedom to purchase whatever you want as the ability to pay all your bills off is already part of the freedom you enjoy.

Others enjoy the freedom to explore across the globe and explore any place at any time their mood is arousing. If it’s to investigate new business opportunities, meet fascinating new people, travel to exotic destinations, stroll along the beaches of the planet or climb the highest peaks The freedom to travel and go when you like has always been a wonderful incentive for those who are a bit the desire to travel!

If you’re a parent, it’s your right to offer them everything you believe they deserve, and the liberty to ensure that your children receive the most successful start in life, with all the benefits you have never enjoyed.

If you’re a single person, you have an opportunity to meet those you’d like to be with, to share a bed with, and then the one you’d like to marry. It’s true that your charm and wit will attract them whatever your economic status Ladies who aren’t financially secure aren’t able to meet the sexy man enjoying squash in his $50,000-per-year club. The guys who are broke and looking at the hot girls wearing string bikinis will not be able to pay for the lounge at the poolside at the $1,000-a-night hotel…

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For fans of sports, it’s the freedom to place your race boat anywhere you like to take it to the Superbowl For those who enjoy reading, it’s the option of choosing an area big enough to accommodate the library of the 10,000 books you have. For politicians, well what’s the point of politics anyway?

When you look at these scenarios and think about what freedoms feel like to you most likely, one or more you are imagining the slow-burning within your body. If not, they’ve probably already created a vision of how you could be turned into the same way isn’t it?

This desire is what you must keep driven by and keep going in your business venture regardless of the obstacles you encounter on the way. The truth of the matter is, successful individuals don’t seek to create a successful business, they’re looking to make a better living for themselves. It’s simple to decide that it’s not worth the effort and abandon the idea of creating your own business but you’ll never abandon the idea of creating a better lifestyle for yourself and the people you cherish…

If you’re thinking of setting up your own business whether it’s an offline venture or a home-based online business Begin by clearly defining what freedoms are essential to you. Imagine your life in which you’ve gotten rid of all limitations to know what it feels like and what it tastes like, how it sounds, and even how it smells. Imagine your place of residence, where and when you work as well as where you go on vacation. Also, think about those around you in your social circle or employees, your colleagues and/or coworkers, and your lovers, friends, and your family.

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Make sure you understand what freedom is for you so that you’re able to remain focused and keep going through whatever obstacles you may encounter when you begin your own business. See every setback as an obstacle instead of a challenge. Even when it seems to be conspiring against your progress, getting to that sense of the ultimate freedom you’ve always wanted keeps you going at full speed until the remaining 90% have abandoned the idea!