Why More Millennials Aren’t Pursuing Their Entrepreneurial Dreams

Why More Millennials Aren't Pursuing Their Entrepreneurial Dreams

Growing up in the middle class, I’ve had similar experiences to many people. My parents required me to attend school and then graduate from an all-year university with an education. They wanted me to obtain work and save savings after years of work to one day retire quickly. This is my first point. As an aspiring middle-class millennial, it’s difficult to embrace an entrepreneurial outlook as it might be in opposition to some of the ideas you were taught. The goal of this piece is to help you think about the lessons you received in your childhood and perhaps formulate your own opinion about them.

There are numerous sayings; I’d like to highlight five that are simple to recognize since you’ve likely heard them before and accepted the truth unaware.

1.) Make sure you save your money.

2.) The risk of investing in investments is high.

3.) You should go to college to get employment.

4.) It’s not enough to bring you joy.

5.) Don’t set your expectations too high; keep them in perspective.

Here’s a chance to look at these sayings that are commonly used and assist you in understanding what the significance is behind every one of them.

1.) “Save funds”

You can hear this phrase uttered by nearly every middle-class person’s mouth. There is nothing wrong with saving money. However, the problem is that many holds for the sake of saving. The value of money is constantly declining, and saving money for salvation is not a good mindset to adopt regarding cash. The sole reason I think people save money is that they aren’t sure how to get out and acquire more. They’re scared that they will not be able to spend most of it, and then they’re not able to have enough. It is essential to save money so that it can be later put into investments to bring additional money. It is impossible to make it to the stage of becoming a billionaire or multi-millionaire. The wealthy understand that investing is crucial. The problem with those in the middle-class is it’s not able to use the money to earn more money.

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2.) “Investments can be risky”

Yes, it is true that investing money can be riskier than putting it in the bank. In my opinion, however, I see it in a different way in that by saving, I risk not having my ideal lifestyle. Suppose someone says that I’d like you to examine the person saying this. I would like you to think about whether the person mentioned has ever invested money into their lives. Do they have a lot of money? If not, ignore their financial suggestions unless you’re willing to exchange economic issues with them.

3.) “Go into college to get work”

The main issue with the middle-class mentality is that it is centered on obtaining the job. I think that the millennials in the middle class are like herded sheep. We are placed in a direction early in life to be focused on attending school in order in order to obtain employment. We are guided on this pathway by our parents, and the system at school instills the notion of “getting employment” throughout graduation day at college. It is awe-inspiring to me that entrepreneurship is not thought of in schools.

Colleges are becoming more adept at encouraging entrepreneurial thinking, but the majority are following the same route of studying now in order to secure employment later. I wonder the reason we aren’t focusing on becoming the boss of our own lives and managing our own business, and making our own goals become a reality instead of trying to help make another’s dream happen. I’m able to honestly say that throughout my time of attending school, the most valuable thing I learned was the notion of “supply and demand” during my introductory economics class at high school. As do many of my classmates believe that the school system is minimal, if nothing, in the real world, yet we continue to attend school for the certificate that states we have graduated in hopes that it can make us more attractive for job applicants.

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4.) “Money isn’t going to bring you happiness”

The middle class sees the large sums of money as evil and unwise to own a substantial amount of money. This is the only reason that will stop anyone from having any kind of money when your view is that money will not make you feel satisfied. It’s true that being broke will not make you feel happy also. This saying is often used by people who aren’t wealthy, so they use it as an excuse for the reasons they don’t have it. Money isn’t the only thing that makes people happy or sad. However, it does provide freedom, and everyone desires freedom. I urge you to never be averse to having money. Instead of feeling jealous of those who have it all, remember that you too could be wealthy by putting the effort to create something valuable that people are willing to swap their money for. If you’re not looking to make to spend a lot of money on yourself, consider doing it for your family, friends, community, local charity events, local fundraisers, hospitals, etc.

5.) “Don’t achieve your objectives too far, just be realistic”

I’ve heard this all my life. Teachers frequently advise not to set goals that are too high since it could end in disappointment. Instead, they would suggest establishing “realistic targets” that were moderately difficult but achievable. I am not a fan of the concept of setting “realistic” goals since it causes people to look at things in a small way. I think it’s better to fall short of the big goal than it is to achieve the mediocre target which you already knew you would achieve anyway. As a nation, we must think big and imagine bigger and pursue the goals that keep us awake at night because They are so exciting. The most miniature goals won’t keep you awake in the dark, wondering, “what is the outcome if” I can achieve it.

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If you only learn one thing from this article, it should be getting advice from people you would be willing to swap places with. I’ve managed to start several businesses out of nothing but my basement. If I had listened to my peers or my mother, I wouldn’t have started any company, and I would’ve not taken on any risk. It’s funny that today, after doing several businesses that are profitable, my mom is still instructing me to conserve money, not to invest it.

As an entrepreneur, you have to decide to alter your perspective. I believe it is crucial to find a coach who is where you’d like to be so that you can gradually take in their ideas. Personally, I enjoy listening to Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk as well as many others on YouTube. Be aware that your family members, friends, and everyone else who you around already have mentors in some way or form. It is crucial to determine who you’ll and won’t seek advice from. The saying goes, “If you spend time with five wealthy people, you’ll end up being six.”