What’s Your Brilliant Business Idea?

What's Your Brilliant Business Idea

A goal for many working mothers is to leave behind the 9-5 job and start their own business and lifestyle they’ve always envisioned for their children.

One of the biggest barriers that get in the way of pursuing our vision is “I don’t know the kind of business I want to start.”

Discovering the brilliant business idea in you (I believe that all of us possess one) is essential for us to find the motivation and focus needed to pursue this dream.

The business plan we choose to implement can determine the success of our business will be and also, most importantly, determine if we can achieve the life that we really want for our family.

How do you discover what your unique business idea is? Here are five steps to help you get started:

The Truth About Your “Why”

The most innovative business concepts originate from the base of the “why.” The fundamental reason is the reasons you’re looking to launch an enterprise. We as working mothers already have a solid “why” that is to ensure financial security for our family or to be able to enjoy time with our children.

Now, we must take one step further and decide the legacy we wish to leave through our business. The “why” motivates us to rise each day to do something we enjoy instead of something we believe it’s something we “have” to complete. If we’re not sure about the “why,” and we are taking an opportunity to start a company that we don’t enjoy but that we believe we “should” be starting or believe will earn more money.

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Before proceeding, figure out the “why” in starting an enterprise, what kind of changes you’d like to see across the globe with it, and then develop your business concept from there.

Uncover Your Gifts and Talents

Once you have a clear understanding of your “why,” now is the time to discover the best talents and gifts to share with the world; recognizing our talents will help us create an idea for a business that we love and feel the most passionate about. It is also one of the most important factors that will help our company flourish and generate income.

Answer these questions for yourself. What are you passionate about? What are you naturally skilled at? What are people seeking help with? Do you ask your friends what they perceive as your strengths? Check out my previous blog post on how to develop your best talents through my five-step GIFTS method.

Your Life

A business concept must align with the kind of lifestyle you’d like to live as a business person. Do you wish to travel and conduct your business from anywhere around the world? Perhaps too much travel is the reason why you’d like to quit your job, and you’re searching for a company that will permit you to stay home for the majority all the time. Would you like to have an online storefront that allows you to talk and present your goods to clients every day? Do you want to have greater flexibility and freedom? We are not looking to be confined to a strict 9-5 routine. What kind of lifestyle do you’d like to live for your company? Being clear about this right from the beginning can ensure that you don’t find yourself in a business a few months later that seems like it has substituted your job. It is important to ensure you create a business that will provide you with the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

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Get Creative

You’re familiar with what you’re skilled at, and you know the core of your “why” is, and now it’s time to tie the two together. Begin by brainstorming all the business ideas you could imagine that would show your best talents and help you fulfill your purpose in the way you can. If you’re hoping to ease the burden of new mothers, you could be creating a brand new product that you wish you already. If you’re looking to assist people in achieving the best financial security possible, you can use your outstanding skills in accounting to help them learn the best ways to handle their finances to create the most prosperity.

Do not be afraid to express your ideas. You should brainstorm every idea you can come up with. Even if it seems odd at first, take note of it. Some of the craziest concepts end up being highly profitable businesses.

Share Your Ideas

After brainstorming your ideas, choose the three that attract you. You can then begin to test your ideas. Then, share your idea with other people. Your friends, family, acquaintances. Determine the kind of person who could be the most likely to be your client for the idea you are considering and ask them their opinion. They might be on forums online or at meetings in your local area. Begin to meet up with them where they hang out and get their opinion on your concept and how they would utilize it.

This is a good way to begin to assess whether your product is meeting the needs or desires of the market you want to target. Ask them what makes them want to purchase it or use it. What ideas do they have for making it attractive or better suited? It is possible to begin getting an idea of the reaction your idea will be received and the ways to enhance the idea. Once you have started to understand your business plan by following these steps, you can move on to more specific studies of market trends and testing the idea.

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It is important to present your business plan with a concept that both you and your customers will love and will enable you to showcase your best talents and gifts to the world; and to create your ideal lifestyle is the foundation of creating a successful business and life for yourself as well as your loved ones.