Want To Be An Industry Expert? Make This One Principle Your Entire Business Model

Want To Be An Industry Expert Make This One Principle Your Entire Business Model

“To escape the door, you have to enter.’ The way out is right in front of you.’ “Less is more.’

Certain goals require what appears like contradictory actions. Being a renowned thought leader within your field is one of them.

At first glance, it is important to find tribes of devoted followers, in the end, that without followers, you’re not thought-leaders. When you’re not perceived as a thought-leader, you must compete for every bit of business. You must introduce yourself to new people with each encounter, building credibility with each new encounter. Make yourself an icon, and the reverse is also true. You are known by people who recognize what you’re about, they need to get you on their list, and then the deals, as well as the media and publicity, begin to come to you.

Ironically the most damaging way to go about your efforts to achieve famed status is to try to draw fans.’

Focusing on the mass appeal of your brand often can backfire. It could lead to perceptions of your image as an elaborate spectacle, a show, or even a caravan of shady snake-oil solutions. It’s all about you and runs a risk of getting perceived as untruthful.

Here’s an alternative strategy that offers some more personality and with a lot more economic worth:

Make use of the ‘One Dependent Pupil’ model of business:

Instead of attempting to achieve popularity, aim for total and absolute significance… for only one follower.

Here’s how to Think of a single individual – – one image – whom you consider to be an authority on thought.

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Imagine her as being very interested in your particular thoughts and insights. She is extremely committed to the way you conduct yourself because she believes that it’s going to work. This is a serious, logical person who believes that you are the answer. She will support you, suggest you take your advice, and learn from you. She will apply your ideas to make progress in her world.

Then make the situation more severe. Take all other resources out of her world.

Make it appear as if your access to knowledge of information, insight into industry and knowledge, options, routes, and plans are entirely dependent entirely on your input of you. You are her primary thinker, and there’s no other. If you fail to perform the task, she is ineffective. If you don’t instruct her to learn, her progress slows to a stop. You are her source.

A Different Level of Duty

Think about the obligation that this model imposes on you to be a servant and the shift it brings from excitement to service. Think about how important it is to be efficient and ethical and that your actions are truly beneficial instead of focusing on your own worthiness.

This approach makes you less circus-like and more a guide, less announcer of bullhorns, and more an intelligent coach.

In this way, it is possible to consider a range of questions. For instance, are you creating enough content to satisfy her diverse demands? Are you writing helpful essays, books, or blogs frequently enough to allow her to truly expand? Do you have your thought-leadership work geared on her interests, or is it geared towards promoting yourself? Are you truly her solution in a way that you are satisfied with?

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Begin by understanding your pupil’s Objectives

To attain your goal of fame in the business world To achieve your goal of fame in the industry, you must help your student succeed in what she desires. So, what exactly does she really want?

The best way to begin is to search for the source of her suffering. What are her struggles? What are the issues she is struggling with? What is it that keeps her awake at night and leads to sadness?

So, solve these problems, and untie knots, and you’ll be granted the status of a hero in her own world. It is a coincidence that books, articles, and even speeches that concentrate on solving problems are extremely effective. This is not only an ethical method of conducting the business you run. It also can build the type of respect and trust for experts.

The next time you are contemplating promoting your company or yourself, Try this method. Instead of focusing on you, concentrate on only one following. Concentrate on pain of that follower. Your message should be positioned to be able to address the person’s most pressing issue. Voila, you’re now an influential thought leader, and your following will begin to expand.

Then repeat the procedure frequently, and resolve all the problems you can. In no time, people whose lives you have touched will form the tribe of loyal followers you’ll need.

‘One dependent pupil.’ This idea should be central to your life. The rest will follow.