Video Production Business Tips – The Three Heads of Your Video Production Business

Video Production Business Tips - The Three Heads of Your Video Production Business

The Three-Headed Monster

In my blog post last week that I was spending the entire weekend reading a book on starting your own business. The book discusses the fact that every business owner (especially small-scale, one-person companies) needs to consider operating their company from the perspectives of three different kinds of people.

I refer to this as”the” Three-Headed Monster.

The Technician (Or Videographer/Editor)

That’s where the majority of us are at the time we launch our own video production businesses. We’re either bored of being “the person” and are convinced that we can utilize this ability to venture independently, or we think it would be great to create videos to earn earning a living. It’s exciting at first when we are excited by the possibilities that the future holds; however, after some months or a few years after which, we realize there is more to succeed in business than just being able to create an excellent video.

It’s difficult to manage your business if you operate within that “head.”

The Manager (Or Video Producer, Production Manager, Director)

This is the area of our business in which we need to not only complete the task and edit videos but also oversee the people who help us with the job – scheduling and managing quality time, meeting deadlines, gathering documents from our clients, as well as other. In most cases, this is the area of our business that causes the dreaded “burnout” and why a lot of very talented videographers/editors fail.

If you can better manage your responsibilities within this “head,” you’ll be able to perform great in this industry; however, not as effective as if you are able to be a master of the second “head” along with the preceding two.

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The Entrepreneur (Or Visionary, Systems Maker, Rainmaker)

This is the aspect of our lives that helps the company increase to a point at which we earn more than $100,000 per year doing what we enjoy. The issue is the “Technician,” as well as the “Manager” within us, is out of the way every day, which is what holds us behind. The Entrepreneur is responsible for building systems, so the two previous duties become easier over time, even if you’re the one who does everything. It’s crucially important for this “head” continuously improves their general business abilities such as negotiation techniques and networking skills. To ensure that the two other “heads” will have a reason for existence.

What’s the moral of the story?

To run a profitable video production business, Each part of Three-Headed Monster must master its specific areas of business. It is impossible to ignore one of these.

If you’re not a person you like to manage, then learn how, or you’ll fail to reach your goals.

If you’re not keen on learning how to become more successful as an entrepreneur, then take it on or quit, as you’ll never realize your potential.

If you’re looking to be self-employed and manage your business but don’t want to be constantly doing editing and shooting, begin to develop methods so that you are able to engage a professional to help. But, I’m sure that if you take the time to learn to manage all three of these tasks more effectively, your company overall will be more profitable and enjoyable.

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