Using Gleicher’s Formula to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

Using Gleicher's Formula to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

“Determination always overcomes the obstacles.” Henry Ford

As a lot of the difficulties that we experience in our lives appear to stem from the self-limiting beliefs we hold, It is logical that what you believe is your reality. You can rid yourself of self-limiting beliefs simply by changing your mindset. However, to change this programming, you must first determine what your personal beliefs about yourself are.

There are a variety of self-limiting beliefs that we may have and are often viewed as the reason behind negative and restrictive beliefs about our capabilities since a lot of these beliefs may be founded on ‘false facts that cause us to live our lives with a lot of caution and sometimes beggars.

Coach and Author, Debbie Ford, synthesized the negative thoughts to three fundamental beliefs common to everyone:

1. It doesn’t matter.

2. There’s some issue with my body and

3. I’m not quite good enough.

The most popular self-limiting beliefs are portrayed as justifications and could be categorized as:

I’m scared of failure
I’m not as skilled as the others
I’m not enough
It’ll be difficult
It’s going to be risky
It will take quite a while
There will be drama with the family
I don’t deserve it
It’s not my style.
I can’t afford it
I’m not able to get help from anyone.
This has never been seen before.
I’m not strong enough
I’m not smart enough.
I’m not enough old
The rules don’t allow me to
I’m busy
I’m too scared.

So Are You a Self-Doubter?

You are afraid of appearing dumb at the meeting, So you just listened and did not take part?
Feel guilty for the idea of charging your professional hours?
Did you wonder if you could be an imposter when you compared yourself with others at work?
You decided not to pursue an opportunity due to the fact that you felt other applicants were more skilled than you in terms of capability
Feeling jealous or negative about the achievements of others
You compared yourself to others’ standards of success, wondering why you didn’t get there?
Did you allow others to make the decision for you because you doubted yourself?
If you said “yes” in at most four of these typical situations, you doubt yourself.

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What Can You Do to Destroy Self Doubt?

Mentor to entrepreneurs, Ali Brown, says, “People go to war and die because of their beliefs. That is how powerful they are. Our beliefs influence our day-to-day choices and ultimately our potential.”

An approach that is proactive begins with the identification of the self-limiting belief that you believe most strongly in your story, which seems to be limiting you. If you can, identifying the root of the belief may prove very beneficial. Understanding how the belief has been detrimental to you could be a crucial clue to the reason you need to try to eliminate it.

A simple idea is known as Gleicher’s Formula basically provides the necessary steps or motivation for changing your self-limiting beliefs. It explains succinctly how we realize the source of our discontent (don’t enjoy the outcomes of our self-limiting belief) and develop an image of what we truly want (the wonderful promotion, the fantastic relationship), and then our identification is greater than our resistance. This is the beginning of the process to bring about the change, which allows us not to shy away from opportunities that offer the true expression of our potential to be infinite.

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Gleicher’s Formula

“You are entitled to achieve exactly how you want it and to be the best you can to become.” Barbara Corcoran

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