Top 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Write a Book

Top 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Write a Book

Your name, as an author on the cover of the book… what a thrill could this be? In addition to getting your name printed amazingly, it’s an excellent method of marketing on the internet for your company. Have you always wanted to publish a book but haven’t taken the decision to write it? Here are five good reasons to start planning today.

1. You establish yourself as an authority within your area or on a specific topic.

There’s a certain prestige associated with being identified as the author of an article. People automatically assume that you are knowledgeable about what you’re talking about; since you wrote an article on it, you must be right? Your book can be a method to provide information about your field and pique readers’ curiosity. They’re more likely to think of you next time they require your product or services since they’ve gone through your book about the subject and believe you’re an expert.

2. It opens the door to speaking opportunities.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to sell from the stage, you’re losing out on an incredible opportunity to promote your services or products to a swarming, qualified audience. When you write your book, people will come to them and request that you give a presentation or break-out session at conferences that are packed with those who are interested in your product or service. It’s easy to put up a table at your room’s back. Personally sign your book and then sell, sell, make money!

3. More effective than any other business card.

It’s unlikely that people will discard a book printed when you offer the book to them (or the digital version you can download directly to your eReader devices). They’ll keep it, go through it, pass it around and revisit it at some point in time. In contrast to a business card that is lost or thrown away, the book can be sat on the counter or on an eReader that is always accessible to refer to with your contact details readily available.

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4. Digital publishing provides advertising opportunities.

The benefit of electronic publishing is the fact that you are able to make live links within the article and in your bio pages, and even on both the front and back covers. When someone is reading about the topic of interest, it is possible to click through the link and arrive at a sales page on your site. In addition, it is possible to self-publish (which is extremely simple to accomplish). You are in charge of the contents of your publication. You can make it self-serving in any way you want, but you’ll probably not wish to transform it into an advertising book of 250 pages. It is possible to directly refer to your company’s products or services if it’s appropriate to makes sense to do so.

5. An additional source of revenue.

How can you earn money with your book? It’s simple to self-publish and then upload your book to Amazon, which is the biggest of all booksellers. There’s no need to fight for the number one spot for your book’s genre; However, you may make some additional money through the sales. Your book’s sales are only restricted to the quantity of effort and time you put into marketing the book.

If you’re ready to get the benefits of writing your own book published, there’s plenty of help to be found. If you’re not comfortable writing, consider hiring an author. If you don’t have time to promote your book, you can hire an internet marketing professional to take advantage of promotional opportunities which will generate greater revenue for your company. It’s never more ideal for creating your book published in print and also as a digital copy.

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