Three Things Successful Entrepreneurs Avoid!

Three Things Successful Entrepreneurs Avoid!

There is always what you need to do to be successful as an entrepreneur, don’t you think? What about things you should not be doing?

I’m constantly listening and watching successful entrepreneurs for insights into the business practices they employ. If you are familiar with me, you will know that I am a huge fan of the television programs Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. I also enjoy watching Undercover Boss and taking some useful tips from the show also. I’ve come to realize how important it is to keep track of your numbers. I’ve learned that it is important to keep my eyes on the people first. Then the money will follow.

I’m also an avid fan of biographies! I love learning about the stories of others and their path to achieve success. Every person has a story to tell. There’s a lot to learn from the stories of others as we listen and then implement the lessons.

There are other things that we should not do as entrepreneurs if we wish to be successful in the business world. These warning signs are everywhere but, based upon my experiences, aren’t often noticed by the general public. Here are some lessons I’ve learned in this direction.


It’s not everyone’s desire to be a part of your success. Some of your friends (and this includes your family) do not want to see your success and don’t want to witness you changing or changing in any manner. You should remain exactly as you are since it’s in their comfort zone.

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Tips: Your dreams and goals should be shared with those who truly love and admire you and who truly wish for you to be successful.


One of the routines I’ve developed is not watching the news prior to getting ready for sleep. It’s always negative, which is why I do not want to be able to keep all that information in my head as I’m sleeping. I also stay away from negative people. And they are all over the place. I believe they should get rid of them to form their own clubs. It requires a lot of effort to realize your goals and goals. The negativity of any kind is a way to drain life from you. Avoid it at all costs – and this includes your own negative self-talk.

Tips: Your mind is able to focus only on one thing at any given moment. So, make sure your thoughts (and the environment around you) remain positive and upbeat! You’re in charge, be in control and observe the changes it can make.


This is a bad habit that many entrepreneurs are guilty of. Delaying things for another day will not get you anywhere. Like Brian Tracey said, “eat the biggest frog first. In other words, begin your day with the most challenging and difficult task you have on your agenda. Make it happen. Do it now. Do not delay. It will destroy your business and you! The majority of people put off their tasks due to a lack of knowledge, and this is the only reason. We construct the world around us to be larger than they really are. This is a key thing to grasp and observe the impact it makes on your business.

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Tips: Make a list of the things you’re putting off about. Take a thorough look at each one. What’s the reason for you to put it off? Find the info you need to be able to get this issue taken care of and off your list. It will transform everything for you when you begin to make it a habit of your daily life!

There are always a lot of things you need to do in order to become a successful entrepreneur, and that’s the truth. I believe that it is important to review the list of activities you do every day and make changes when you find things you need to stop doing.

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Pat Mussieux is fast becoming known as a highly sought-after Canadian guide for female entrepreneurs, taking her own company from a small start-up to a six-figure home-based enterprise in just four years. A large part of her success is due to her experience in the field of marketing, mentality, and finances!