Three Strikes and You’re Out in Networking! Top Three Errors for Business Networkers!

Three Strikes and You're Out in Networking! Top Three Errors for Business Networkers!

Opening day for baseball is looming across the nation after the long and hard winter!

Every season, fans purchase expensive tickets for MLB parks, and they enjoy themselves; however, they don’t understand the game. In baseball, it’s okay. You can purchase snacks, Cracker Jack beers, or crackerjack and enjoy yourself; however, should you do the same at a networking event, you’ll miss out on potential business opportunities.

Many businesspeople attend networking events, meet eating apps, drink, and drink but do not fully grasp the importance of networking. They don’t make it happen! They put in the time and effort but with no results. They take networking off their list of ideas to promote their personal brand, themselves, and even their business.

From the skybox, where my Networking VIP status is on display, I see three errors. Anyone who doesn’t adhere to these tips makes mistakes that undermine their efforts in venues all over the world. Networking is an all-year-round activity… it’s not only during the seasons, and you should practice every day! Learn these skills, and you’ll be able to move from the minors to majors within the space of a New York MINUTE (which is the name of my book on networking!). Also, you’ll become more successful on your most upcoming networking occasion.

1. Be Confident!

The process of networking begins at the beginning of your life. Make sure you are aware of who you really are. Your genuine self! Spend time with your family and friends. Then think of a single phrase description of you and then live it. One of my words is “SPARK,” and I apply it when I attend an event. Make an elevator speech; however, you must use your imagination. I love Daniel Pink’s suggestions in his novel “To sell is human.” Make a Pixar pitch as an alternative to an elevator pitch.

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2. Make A Plan!

Create realistic goals for your networking at events. You can lead the Networking Lifestyle without being out all night. Take a look on Linked in as well as Twitter feeds for those who you admire, and then see the events they are attending. Share the load with your friends, and then go on your own. Consider other methods to meet people beyond a gathering. Coffees, phone calls, and even emails are all an element of your network plan.

3. It’s time to warm up!

Like any athlete, you might need to get some warm-up exercises prior to entering the room. Visit the internet and contact those who will be going to the event via Linked In, and arrange to meet up so that you don’t be a stranger when you arrive. I’ve even reached out to the speaker in advance to let them know I am looking forward to hearing the talk. It creates a warm atmosphere when you greet them during the conference. In addition, I plug in my iPod prior to going to an event, flooding my body and mind with a lot of positive energy and positive chemical energy thanks to my playlist of music for networking. I actually perform what I refer to as”the “Bathroom Boogie” to network on YOUTUBE. The adrenaline rush that comes after listening to your favorite tunes relaxes you. You’ll love events when you crank up your playlist prior to your leave!

It’s the baseball season… and you’ll never be able to reach second base with just one foot on the first base — follow these steps to feel like a major leaguer in a network.

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