Three Olympian Lessons From Tessa Virtue!

Three Olympian Lessons From Tessa Virtue!

“Are you viewing this year’s Winter Olympics?” I’m dedicated to watching these Games on TV since it’s a ‘Master’s’ show in excellence!!

“These athletes put in everything they have – to get a chance to go for the Gold!” Listening to and watching these Olympians provides me with inspiration and the motivation to strive to be better and expand my business.

I was especially interested in Figure Skating because of the first reports suggesting that Moir/Virtue might not be able to win the Gold It was stated as if they were being manipulated by the Russians along with the Americans were doing everything they could for ensuring that the Canadian team would not be able to take home Gold. I was keen to watch every interview happening to learn how the Virtue/Moir team was not just coping with the pressure but also the influence. In her final skate show, Tessa Virtue was asked why they decided to take part in the Games even though, in reality, they could have been quit after the last Olympic games. She responded:

“… since we would like to get there.”

“Does it have the style and feel we’re looking for”

“We do not want to do the same thing.”

These three words are pertinent to business too. Let’s examine.

1.) “DO you really want to be in business?”

For many, when viewing the world of business on the surface, the world of entrepreneurship seems attractive. Entrepreneurs are given the flexibility and freedom to move around according to their own schedules. They can arrange holidays and time off during non-seasonal times. They can deduct their expenses and cut down on taxes. A lot of things are appealing. The truth is, running the business world is H.A.R.D. Entrepreneurs are required to work longer hours than what is seen by the public. Stress levels for entrepreneurs are incredibly high. There are risks taken every day. This is a direct connection to the Olympic games; like every day, we as entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to reaffirm (as Tessa did) that “WE WANT TO BE HERE”! Every single day. You should ask yourself this question. Pay attention to the response.

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2.) Does your business have a look, the feel You’d like?

Tessa Virtue talked a lot about their habits of visualization. Did their skating style have a look and the “feel” they were hoping for when they took the stage to everyone in Russia? Have you ever been asked that question in the workplace? Does your company have the style and feel you desire? Is your messaging clear? Are you in line with your brand’s image? If not, then it’s time to make adjustments. (Stay updated to our re-branding coming soon to launch! It’s exciting! As the business grows and you adapt, so do the way you conduct business… (which is what we’ve planned for 2014.)

3.) “WE do not want to be doing the same things.”

Tessa Virtue shared that they required fundamental changes to their performances to be able to compete in these Olympic games. The previous routine they performed did not offer the appearance and sensation that they desired in their quest to win a Gold medal. We’ve all heard of the phrase: “If you continue doing what you’re doing, you’ll get what you’re receiving. Do you think that’s what you want for your company? For your life? Change is essential. Take the time regularly to review and evaluate your processes, systems as well as team members, as well as the way you’re conducting business.

“A champion is scared of losing. Everyone else is scared about winning.” – Billie Jean King.

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