The Ups and Downs of Starting Your Own Business

The Ups and Downs of Starting Your Own Business

I think that every company has a story that is it is own. We must get out of the way to let it take shape.

I can tell you the first time I came up with the idea to start my own company, and I was naive about what it would take to set it up. I believed it was simply an issue of registering the business and a bank account set up the website designed, and then off we go! Perhaps this is the case for specific individuals, but I’m here to say that it didn’t work this way for me, and I’m glad it did not.

I was just not prepared to be prepared at this early stage of the game, which could have been a stressful experience if my ideas had been in place at that time. I have a favourite saying, “You shouldn’t place an oven-ready cake with the expectation that it will bake in just 10 minutes. I have found this to be accurate, and I’ve spent a lot of time making the cake while waiting for my cake to bake.

Collaboration with others

It is crucial to find the appropriate people with the proper capabilities, and most importantly, a positive mindset who are working with you, as they may be family members or friends, but that’s not enough. Your business relationships must be built on collaboration, not on competition. It is vital that each person has a clear understanding of their role within the company and that there is no room for imagination or a personal interpretation. I would suggest that you sit together to discuss the job descriptions and the areas of responsibility. It is also recommended it is recommended that they be written down in writing in the first place in order to be referenced at a later time should they be required. It’s often the absence of these documents that cause difficulties and create any conflicts.

When you’re one who came up with the idea of the business concept, It is essential to consider whether you’re prepared to sacrifice in order to take pictures from other people when you are in the beginning phase or if your idea is so compelling that you have to set out to create it yourself then invite other people to join when the business is established. There is an emotional stake in the birth of a company – are you ready for someone to critique your newly created firm, inform you that it’s not as good as it could be and make suggestions for improvements? If this idea makes you shiver with fear, then you’re likely to be better off choosing not to have a partner that has the same say and assistance from experienced consultants and employees, and the final choice is yours.

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If you’re considering setting up a business to spread the idea of someone else, Then you must consider whether this is the right decision for you. It could feel as if you’re living in their shadow as the business is being developed at the beginning. Are you willing to remain patient until the company is launched and the responsibilities get more equalized, and you’ll be able to take on your own? If you are aware that you’re not at ease with a behind-the-scenes role in the beginning stage, then you could decide to consider working in a consulting position, or perhaps maybe not at all.

There is a myriad of possibilities to start your own business, and I’ve touched only the most common.

Be flexible and follow the flow.

It’s not about laying back doing nothing. Perform the work that is required but doesn’t be too focused on the end result. Give yourself some leeway, and things might turn out better than you had hoped for. When we attempt to be too in control, it adds more stress to the equation. If things don’t go according to our plans, it can become a significant issue instead of an unexpected bump in the road. This is what it could have been when we had more flexibility. If you’ve got a sound business concept and deliver something that is ethical and that benefits people, then your company is likely to survive all the bumps and bruises which can occur in the course of your business.

Deadlines aren’t always practical.

Make deadlines only when you are confident that you will achieve the deadlines. Do not base your deadlines on the promises of someone else in the event that the person has proven highly trustworthy. This is something I had to learn the hard way. It’s embarrassing and places you in a negative image to be forced to keep going back to work because you’ve been disappointed by a third party. It’s not just other people who can affect deadlines. There are different elements that can affect deadlines. I’m sure the weather conditions across many regions of the globe have had a significant influence on the deadlines.

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There’s also an internal aspect of considering deadlines as well as the pressure and stress we place our bodies under when we realize that people are waiting on something we’ve pledged to give. Make personal deadlines for yourself by every means so that you are able to stay focused and on the right track, but do not announce your deadlines to the world unless you’re pretty sure you’ll be able to meet them.

Prepare yourself

What is true today may not be the case in the future. People change, things change, and time passes! But most importantly, you change, and the vision you have for your company could shift as well. Don’t be afraid of starting with a fresh start if it feels right or if you’re not having a passion for your company in its current shape. If your heart isn’t enthused, it’s unlikely that your business will succeed since you’ll start to feel resentful of the time you must spend on it. It will end up becoming just a chore, and you’ll pass the energy you feel to your prospective clients.

Learn all you need to understand about how to manage and market your business and be sure to communicate relevant information to other team members. You’d like everything to go smoothly during your breaks – you may have begun your venture; however, in the final analysis, everyone is indispensable.

The benefits of delaying

In companies that operate around fear, principle delays can quickly make you obsolete; However, in the realm of ethical companies that care for and respect the customers they serve, this is a totally different situation. There’s a community of support that makes the sunshine even on days of rain. I’ve heard phrases such as ‘Divine Timing’ or “Go with the flow” often repeated. This can give you the confidence that you are not alone. It’s just a matter of keeping going, and you’ll get there at the final.

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One of my favourite sayings that my parents and I have in our family is, “Act in haste and repent in peace’. The delay gives you the chance to think or rethink your choices unless you opt to play around like a headless chicken, obviously! Make the most of the time you’ve received and see it as an opportunity to rethink your choices and perhaps make some changes. I am a firm believer that everything happens to be for a reason, and there is no room for error. Every experience is valuable in the sense that we can take the lessons learned from it.

In the end

I believe the running of a business is similar to being a parent. If you manage your business too much, you’ll cause them to lose their spirit. Relax and let your enterprise figure out its own path by putting gentle pressure on the reins to ensure that it’s moving in the correct direction. Be open to the possibilities of surprises and amazing things that happen when you relax and let forces from the outside influence your business.

As children, when your company is established, it is no longer only yours. There are external influences that are at work. Results from other parties can boost your business’s performance in areas that you would never have thought of. It’s like it takes on an identity of its own and is independent of you. It determines who, what, and where, and you, just like an elated parent, can be a part of the journey.

I’d like to learn about your experiences setting up a company, as well as the obstacles and lessons you learned during the process.

Sue is the Founder of Soulfully Connecting. Soulfully Connecting’s mission is to prove that there are alternative methods of living that could improve the health of the planet as well as the animal kingdom and our own bodies. The author is firm about being able to choose their own path that is feasible if they’re aware of all options.