The Power of GRIT: Identifying the One Character Strength You Need to Succeed in Business and Life

The Power of GRIT Identifying the One Character Strength You Need to Succeed in Business and Life

Many people are drawn into the realm of Entrepreneurship despite the many uncertainties. Most of the time, they have no idea whether they’re competent enough to be an Entrepreneur. The bold concept of the phrase “Jump into the water to Cope!” is not a good idea for this kind of venture. There’s a lot at risk if it isn’t done correctly in terms of time, money, and reputation. It’s not like learning how to swim, or to play guitar, where you could stop and declare, “It’s not for me.” The subject of Entrepreneurship is extremely complex. It is crucial for new Entrepreneurs to know the difficulties and opportunities it creates. But, the act of being willing to take on the challenge and then coping is a special virtue. Combining it with persistence for a long period of time is a key element of being tough.

What’s Grit?

The phrase “Grit” might not be familiar to all of us, yet it’s been around for some time. It was made famous in the 60’s classic Film, “True Grit,” which was based on a novel written by Charles Portis. The story centers around a teenager, Mattie Ross (Kim Darby), who is hired by strong US Marshal Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn (John Wayne) to take revenge for her father’s murder. She engaged Rooster because he is known for his “Grit” and a record for getting things accomplished.

Based on Merriam Webster’s dictionary:

Grit: (noun)

Then the mind or spirit is firm.

Unwavering courage when faced with the odds or risk.

Based on Dr. Duckworth:

Grit refers to “Passion and Perseverance towards longer-range goals.”

The endurance to carry on working on issues in a constant direction with a great deal of effort over a long period of time. The ability to work continuously to achieve your goals for the long term. We are working hard to make that dream possible.

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A Gritty Individual is defined as:

A person who is driven to be a tenacious and steadfast worker through challenges, hardships, and failures to accomplish his goals. The person with this trait is likely to perform better than others lacking endurance.

Passion defined:

“Passion”: (noun) A strong emotion of excitement or enthusiasm for something

Perseverance defined:

Perseverance (noun) perseverance in performing something in spite of difficulties or delays in achieving the desired result.

Consistent persistence in a plan of action or a cause that is not obstructed by difficulties or obstacles.

Resilience defined:

Resilience (noun) resilience is the capacity to recover from or adapt to changes or challenges.

The ability to quickly recover from challenges; resilience. A capacity to recover after any adversity. It’s a prelude to Grit. However, it’s not identical to Grit.

Resilience is a key factor you must have, but it’s not all you need. Also, you need determination. You must be committed to working on it for the long haul.

Making a plan for the long term isn’t always easy. There will be obstacles that get in the way. You must figure out how to manage these obstacles. It is essential to continue working toward your goal. That’s what resilience is about.

Duckworth and coworkers conducted a series of research that showed that those with the ability to:

Achieved higher education level.

Gained higher GPAs.

More likely to finish high school.

– Dr. Angela Duckworth et al. (2007,2014)

Associate Professor University of Pennsylvania

Grit vs. Talent

How can we develop our Grit in Entrepreneurs? Do sustained efforts and determination more important than talent alone?

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In the words of Dr. Duckworth, for many outcomes, including the graduation ceremony at West Point (U.S. Military Academy), Grit is more predictor of success than IQ and SAT scores. In a society that praises talent constantly but it’s not enough to be successful. But, we don’t discredit talent simply because it exists. It is important to emphasize the importance of practice, effort as well as the time dedicated to tasks that determine the final performance.

Talent won’t make you a tough person. Some talented people fail to keep their promises. Data shows that Grit is not related or directly related to measurements of aptitude.

What can we do to instruct Grit?

Entrepreneurs gain Grit through having a “Growth mindset,” An idea that was developed in the work of Professor. Carol Dweck, a Psychology Professor at Stanford University. She wrote a book titled: ” Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.” It’s about the notion that learning doesn’t have a fixed date. Learning can be altered through exertion. Professor. Dweck argues that everyone is able to become smarter by working at it. A person with a fixed mind is one who fears failure and has a growth-oriented mentality; however, he believes that learning comes from failure.

Some experts suggest that it is possible to instruct Grit through schools. They have a term used in character education, which is called “Productive Struggle.” The way it works is this The teachers assign students challenging problems to work through. They watch, study, and wait while students attempt to come up with solutions for the problem. When the right moment arrives when the teacher is ready, they jump into the discussion, talk about the issue, and solve the issue together.

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However, parents also have their own opinions on this. There are many ways to mold children to be grittier. It’s known as “Framing Children’s Experiences.” Do you remember when a toddler is running across the hall and then falls? The first step he takes is to take a look at you and observe your reaction. If you shout, or he notices that you are a bit shocked and starts crying. When you smile and say, you’re okay. He immediately stands up and keeps moving. This method is extremely efficient ways.


Did you live, love, matter?

– Brendon Burchard,

New York Times, Best Bestseller author of “The Charge.”

Burchard claimed that you’d be asked three questions at the end of your life. Do you have a life that was full and fully? Did you cherish your loved ones fully, honestly, and wholeheartedly? Did you make a contribution to society?

Grit is a vital characteristic for every Entrepreneur. It plays a crucial part in these issues in the case of the second being helpful. Gritty is the idea to discover new things, to be able to master them, and then to pass on the knowledge you’ve gained to other people. These are the skills that enable entrepreneurs to be successful in whatever endeavors they decide to pursue in their lives.