The Illusion of Certainty in Business

The Illusion of Certainty in Business

This week, I attended an unpaid meeting with a beautiful woman who is determined to develop a model for her business that will benefit her and her ideal customers. She has a gorgeous vision and a clear desire to change the world.

There were some blocks she could visualize as she incorporated this vision into the shape. One of them, and a frequent one, is the uncertainty about what could be happening or not. Was she able to satisfy the clients? Are they able to honor her obligations? Be able to earn profit? Or, do you want to be successful?

As we began to investigate her perspective initially, it was difficult for her to remain away from the “known” and all the common reasons that make something not appear plausible. You might recognize some of them.

There isn’t enough time to complete it
There isn’t enough money
Do not have the knowledge to do it,
Not had the patience
A lack of confidence
Does it sound like an idea that is good enough?

In her discussion of the reasons for why something she wanted was impossible, it brought me the idea of a brick, and when she rated each of her beliefs as good or bad, it was like she was gluing them in place and building her own self-imposed walls. The bricks (her ideas or beliefs) were actually being put into place through her own opinions. It was his own interaction with them that made them appear to be real.

This is so simple.

We recognize and empower random thoughts and are then faced with the feeling of feeling overwhelmed, stuck or confused. It is difficult to recognize that we’re knowingly believing in this false self-created “prison.” The prison may manifest in the feeling of being lost or confused or overwhelmed or any other tight feeling we have.

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We believe that the reason for the tightness is due to an outside event, like our balance in the bank being low or the inability to get visitors to our site or our client list. It’s not true.

Our thoughts are never triggered by circumstances or the opinions of others. They always originate from our own thoughts. Actually, thinking and emotion are two different sides of one coin. They are inseparable. When we experience something, we are getting a reminder that our thoughts are happening. There is nothing else.

Isn’t that a great relief?

This means that we don’t need to make any changes whatsoever. That means we don’t need to take on the task of influencing the external world to feel more comfortable. Whew!

We’ve never been in charge and never have been. If this doesn’t seem like a good idea to you, then think about your breathing. You are unable to stop breathing even if you wish to! There is something that is breathing you, and you’re not in control.

Our sole “job” was to be able to enjoy the ride regardless of whether it is upwards or downwards – but having our hands off of the steering wheel will not matter since we’re not steering the car at all.

Try it! Release the wheel and, once you’ve stopped worrying about what’s about to happen since you’re out of control, observe whether, once your mind has settled down, you experience the feeling of peace and tranquility that you desire to experience.

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Sheela Masand was the co-founder and a working partner of a multi-million Euro company for more than 12 years. After enduring the challenge of finding clients and earning money from her own venture, She is now focused on helping other professionals in the field of service in achieving this goal and in a genuine, non-sales manner.