The 10 Minute Method

The 10 Minute Method

Achieving Success With The 10-Minute Method

We all have moments when we overestimate ourselves to be successful in a less time period than others who have gone before us. In the past, writing and completing an ebook within a relatively short time was a reasonable goal until you realized there were a million different projects in the works simultaneously! On the other hand, you’ll also encounter projects that look so big that you don’t start. The project is delayed for weeks, days, and then months, only to eventually never complete it!

This is where the 10- minutes method comes in! If we are able to commit a minimum of 10 minutes to every project we are currently in the process of being worked on, we’ll be able to achieve some progress.

This will be enough time to allow you to make improvements every morning without causing so significantly affecting your busy schedule. You may think that your projects will take too much time to complete if you allocate 10 minutes for each, but the reality is that they’ll take longer even if you don’t start! The 10-minute method is another method to inspire yourself, keep you on track, and keep the momentum going until you get something done until the very end.

Making Sure Those 10 Minutes Are Productive

The best method in order to ensure that you get everything from it is to first recognize the goal you’re trying to achieve. If you’re creating an eBook, be sure to create an outline to ensure that you are able to go through every section at any time you’re in the mood. If not, you can schedule two additional 10-minute chunks of your schedule to get the extra tasks completed. Although it may not seem as though it, it is actually a good idea and can make your life more efficient, so make sure that you do not skip it!

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When you’ve begun making this a regular habit, the process will begin to transform into a routine, and you’ll be amazed at the amount of time to delegate each task. If you’re the type of person who’s always in motion, make sure you have an electronic device or notebook in your bag at all times to ensure you can get started on your project whenever you have the chance.

It helps you keep on top of your goals and also see how far you’ve come. As you progress, you’ll be more accountable for your time and will learn to use them efficiently!

Does It Really Work?

Humans have a tendency to become habitual. Once we begin to adjust to something new, it’s likely that we’ll be repeating the same thing over and over repeatedly. The main point is to adjust to the new environment. The initial few days may require a bit of time to adjust to, but when you’ve mastered it, you’ll begin to see the results like never before! It should be enough for you to quit beating yourself up and start feeling confident in yourself for taking action toward your objectives. Keep going!