Profile of an Entrepreneur

Profile of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is possible for anyone. It is not the same thing as being an entrepreneur. To survive the challenges of running, starting, and maintaining a business venture, an entrepreneur must possess certain qualities.

Seven qualities that make an entrepreneur profile:








1. Why:-

“Don’t try to be a man who is successful, but instead strive to become a man who is valuable.” – Albert Einstein.

The WHY is the most important factor in any business start-up. Failure is guaranteed if the primary reason for starting a business is to make more money.

Without an EQ (emotional quotient), the reason must have a strong emotional connection. If it isn’t, the need to do it will vanish, and failure will be certain. You must have strong emotional connections to help you keep going on this journey that will challenge your mental, physical, and social skills in every way possible.

2. Mindset:-

“We all speak to ourselves. The key to success lies in how we speak to ourselves. This helps shape our mindset and attitude. “- Darren L. Johnson.

Entrepreneurs should be visionary and used to waiting for gratification.

It takes more than 1-2 years to start a business. You need at least 5-10 years of hard work and a 100 percent commitment of your mind, body, and soul. It is important to be prepared for the long-term and not just for immediate gratification as one would in a job.

3. Attitude:-

“Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude from reaching his goal. But nothing can stop a man with the wrong mental attitude. “-Thomas Jefferson.

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Entrepreneur success is determined by the attitude of the entrepreneur. It must be positive in all situations.

No matter what the circumstance, which will include more negatives than positives, it is important to keep your mind positive and to focus on the end goal of conquering failures and defeats and turning the lessons learned into tools for success.

4. Persistence: Entrepreneurs must be persistent in their approach to the business.

“The majority of men fail because they don’t have the persistence to create new plans that will succeed. Napoleon Hill.

Persistence is key to ensuring that the entrepreneurial journey follows a clear path.

5. Passion:-

It’s difficult to determine if these Internet start-ups are really interested in building businesses or just looking for the money. But I can tell them that if they don’t want to build a business, they won’t succeed. It’s difficult enough that you will give up if you don’t feel passionate about it.

Steve Jobs

Entrepreneurs can’t succeed without passion. Passion is the sum of all the beliefs one has in their venture. It drives entrepreneurs forward with high energy.

6. SBQ:- Social Benefactor Quotient.

“Word-of-mouth advertising may be the best form of advertising, but it can also be the most damaging.”

Jeff I. Richards

Today’s world is dominated by social media like Facebook and Twitter. If the product or service that your business offers does not have a positive impact on the people who buy it, it will be short-lived.

Your product or service must make a positive difference in your customer’s life and encourage them to recommend it to others. It should be able to enhance the lives of the customer as well as those around them.

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7. Belief:-

“Belief is the key to building a successful business.” Lydia M. Child

Unconditional and 100% belief in yourself is essential. It is the best investment anyone can make in themselves when starting an entrepreneurial venture.