Playing Average Sucks

Playing Average Sucks

It sucks who play average. Do you want to be a suck all the duration of all your days? The average lifestyle led me to stay in the hotel for eight years, led me to fall into massive debt, miss out on an athletic scholarship, get exiled by hot girls and lose clients to rivals and have been removed from every job I’ve held. This election season, politicians are trying to appeal to those who are “Average Americans” to secure their votes. They’re promising in vain to care for the middle class and to help… the average., the average.

Here’s what Average can get You in America:

Average Household Income: $50,756 76 76% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck
62 per cent of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings
A majority of people aged over 65 do not have more than $25,000 in the retirement account of their choice.
21 per cent of Americans of all Americans do not have savings whatsoever
43 per cent of American households consume more than they earn
It is estimated that the middle-class income dipped
Fifty-one per cent of All American workers make less than $30,000 per year.
A majority of Americans have less than $400 in cash.
The Average Small Business:

91% of small-sized businesses in America have less than $250,000 annually
76% of small companies in America do not make it to profitability or fail to make a profit.
54% of small-scale businesses in America earn less than $25,000 annually
The majority of venture capitalists fail in the first 18 months
How Does Average Feel?

Would you watch a film that claimed their actors were just average? Would you prefer to go to a place that prides itself on its excellent services and meals? When you look at these statistics, what do you think about your current situation? Are you currently struggling as you’ve been barely making ends meet? Are you settling for comfort instead of the financial freedom you deserve? What are the times you have accepted as good enough?

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What did your playing the average profited you? Which clients have you missed out on? What bargains did you miss? Did you gain a competitive advantage for not being exceptional? Have you ever claimed that this was the only occasion? Only you know the answers to these questions. Do you enjoy being in debt? Do you prefer just making it through? You’re aware of the things you’ve done, and you are aware of the price and the suffering. The positive side is, the challenge isn’t done. You can begin winning now.

What Playing Average Gets You

The numbers tell the truth. Statistics and facts are reliable. What is the longest you can live with a $50,000 income in areas such as San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles? Do you have more debts than income that you have to borrow money to make it through? This is the fate of the working class. They earn excessive amounts of money to qualify for help but not enough money to live a life with financial freedom.

Being average can put you in the middle class, where the wages and salaries are in decline. Loans and debts are racking up. Every day, more Americans are turning into renters. The average renter is penalized for overdraft charges as well as interest charges on credit cards and ATM costs? How can you avoid losing cash when you withdraw your own cash?

The average business goes under within the first year, and the worst is for businesses that are home-based, which don’t stay for more than 90 days. A typical person moves between business and business. They don’t develop a specific ability and repeat the process of failing repeatedly. Additionally, they use credit cards to create businesses that fail.

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Being average can be a burden and harmful when you’re always in a negative state. In time, people learn that this is how things are. They pray and hope for miracles. I would like you to retake a look at the data. Do you think this is a wake-up to your finances, your life and your business?

Time to Play Big

There were times you had a big game. Can you recall how it felt? When I was playing big, I was able to shake shoulders with royals, travel across the globe for free and take the top education in university, receive named Supervisor of the Month and could work with people who supported my business. When I was playing average, which was the case, I ended up homeless, lost my jobs and lost thousands of dollars in poor business decisions. I was totally in debt and living with my mother and sister in an apartment with a single bedroom.

I’m a big hitter constantly. Why? Because time will go by anyway. Why not make the most of it or return home. This is the most significant moment in the history of mankind to increase your chances of success. There is every chance to be successful. The most significant part is that you can choose to go far in what you would like to accomplish. Your strengths and talents can help you achieve your financial and personal success. What are the reasons to take the leap?

Income Is King

The primary purpose of this piece is to highlight the standard of living and encourage you to work harder. It all starts with earning. Income is the most crucial thing and is the only way to begin creating wealth. You’ll require “Money” to pay off the bills, debts and escape being a part of the middle class. Once you have decided to make a move, the next step is to concentrate on creating money.

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The income issue is the primary reason Americans struggle. They aren’t earning enough to sustain their lifestyle and don’t know how to improve the amount they earn. Make a point of focusing on income. And then increase that income in increments. It is not possible to take a salary of $4,000 per month to $1,000,000 per year in a single day. It requires time and effort. However, time will pass by eventually. Concentrate your attention on your earnings.

The Wall

Jump over the wall, go across the walls, or walk through the wall. The herd is middle class. Being part of the herd is likely to leave you in debt. If you decide to be bold and increase your earnings, you’re getting away from the crowd. There are many big walls that can separate you from being able to separate you from the others. These walls will save you 10 per cent or greater of your earnings. The goal is to become debt-free. Start a business you love, and that can earn you money.

Consider this: the person who is debt-free and has just $10 in their pocket is wealthier than half the population in the United States. Are you shocked or what? This is right, no debt and just $10. Statistics prove it. Don’t be afraid to welcome walls when they show up. Stop being average and live your life to the fullest.

Charles Fitzgerald Butler is an entrepreneur, author, and expert in online marketing. Charles is passionate about helping people establish and run successful businesses from home. You can work with Charles and begin to build multiple streams of income at home. Charles’s goal is to assist anyone who partners with him to earn income and cash flow from their businesses.