Owning Your Company – The Sixth C

Owning Your Company - The Sixth C

Cash. Car. Credit card. Condominium. Country club. What else ought to be included in the list of five Cs to enhance the quality of life it is now, aside from concubine? Yes, of course.

(And we were just laughing about concubines. It’s not so much. Don’t be shy. are sure you would like it.)

This is the sixth C, featuring drum roll and cymbal crash, and the sixth C refers to… Being your own boss!

Maybe your jaw dropped, and you started giving us the this-is-just-a-marketing-gimmick-to-get-me-weighed-down-with-more-business-loans-Singapore dirty look but hey, before you jump to any conclusion, let us share with you how this sixth C will lead you to the Ten Happy Cs.

1. Control

You are in charge of your destiny. You don’t have to get up and drive across the country just to serve someone that has no knowledge other than scolding you like the guy knows everything.

2. Calm

Many people view books about how to attain the balance of work and family as fictitious if you run your own business; congratulations! This is a non-fiction book for you. What are your working hours? You decide. Location of work? Do you decide? Office attire? You decide. Suppose you believe that it’s impossible to find a working-life balance, especially if you’re a dad. You should reconsider your thinking.

3. Choice

The person who never stops complaining. The one who gossips about you constantly. Time.That colleague who has destroyed your chance of gaining a promotion.

You won’t have to be concerned about them anymore.

4. Chance

Spiderman declared that “with greater power comes more responsibility.” A business owner states, “with higher risk is the greater reward.” More specifically, with higher risk, along with greater risk-management abilities, comes higher reward.

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5. Challenge

It’s a bit overwhelming to be doing the same thing every day. That’s why being an entrepreneur can be so thrilling. Sales, taxes, accounting, marketing, operation No two days are identical.

6. Engagement

Il Divo, like many other artists, has told the listener to “follow your passion” through their music. Could that be true? Sure, it is when you’re an owner of a business. What is your passion? Handicraft? Agriculture? Food and beverages?

Stop dreaming and begin running. Just take it on.

7. Cost-Effective

If you’re just starting out, there is a chance that you don’t be able to have an entire facility that has hundreds of workers who work for you. Don’t be discouraged. It means you will have fewer procedures and guidelines to adhere to, and, in turn, you’ll be able to complete tasks more quickly. You are able to work from any place and at any time. You can choose the home decor or office decor you prefer, and you can save money by it.

8. Connect

A few clients seem so rude and sarcastic; they reduce your life by at least ten years. They want the moon and stars, and you start to think you’re one of the actors in “Mission Imperfectible.”

Being an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to select the customers you’d like to collaborate with. Do you not find the idea of communicating comfortably with your clients a pleasure?

9. Community

Giving back makes you feel good; I bet it does. It’s even more enjoyable when you are able to pick your cause. Have a burning desire to aid children in need or those with disabilities or polar bears, or even the natural environment?

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As a business proprietor, you choose who you would like to help and how.

10. Contentment

It’s true that regardless of how humble we appear or how humble we appear, we are apathetic. We would like to be acknowledged for our work – to employ the Internet terminology, we want to “feel that we’ve earned ourselves the glory,” and that is one of the advantages of running your own business because people are curious about your personal story.