Mobile Phone Etiquette to Increase Posture As an Entrepreneur

Mobile Phone Etiquette to Increase Posture As an Entrepreneur

Mobile phone usage is somewhat off the wall at present, but I’d like you to follow me on this subject. It’s crucial because I’m seeing many obvious issues that many home-based and network marketing business owners face that have to be dealt with. It’s mostly about my belief that we think that we treat our customers and potential customers differently than anyone others, and that’s an offense in the field of mobile phone usage.

What is the reason you should be concerned about this? Simply because your image in the eyes of others and professionalism could be at risk in the event that you do not follow my rules of the proper use of mobile phones!
I’ve categorized the three disservices we perform to ensure appropriate mobile phone usage for entrepreneurs:

1.)  Violation # 1: Failing to respond on time

The proper manner of conducting yourself on mobile phones is to understand that calls are the primary reason for a cell phone. Do not text. Note internet browsing. Not email. CALLS! So if your business associate, customer, prospect, or even business partner calls you, pick up the phone and dial them to follow up! Answer every call because these days, the moment they’re calling you, it’s likely to be a matter that urgently requires attention.

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen is that after listening to voicemails, they promptly erase them with the goal of calling to call them back. It’s like training a motor response to hit “7” on the dial pad. The issue is that when they delete the message, they forget the phone number or become distracted, which means there is no callback. Make sure to delete messages only if you are able to record the information to serve as an opportunity to remind yourself.

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Contact your contacts within 24 hours if you’re working. I always return calls within a maximum of 3-4 hours. Sorry, however, if you’re an owner of your own business, it’s always open.

For texts and emails, I use this rule of thumb to reply in 48 hours. People are busy, and that includes you. If you’re available but not away on vacation, act like a professional and responsive!

I will immediately remove people from my list when it takes more than three days to reply in the event of a legitimate reason (no smartphones, vacations, or emergency situations with a family member are the only three reasons I’ll accept). This is a total ignorance of mobile phone usage. You do not want your time spent; why do you waste your time by hanging up on them?

2.) Violation: Failure to comprehend your potential customer’s communication style

Mobile phone etiquette is also centered around something more complex: understanding your target audience. Being an entrepreneur, it is essential to be aware of the rules of conducting business. One of these aspects is the ability to discern the preferred manner of communication of the person on the other side of the conversation. In addition, it is important to imitate your prospective client’s communication “language.”

What exactly do I mean? This is more than simply responding to any message that comes at you. When I receive a message or email, I quickly observe my partner’s manner of communication and attempt to replicate it for them, all while keeping my professionalism and structure.

I escalate the communication to a phone call in case of urgent need. It is your responsibility to do the same. As a leader, you must manage and address problems in the fastest and most efficient manner. The time wasted on texting to get an answer when a phone call is quicker to explain an issue is not a good use of time. Be aware that time is more valuable than money.

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3.) Failure to verify

I’ve been working with customer services for a considerable amount of time. One thing that most people don’t master is confirmation.

When it comes to cellphone etiquette, There is no reason not to verify a project, task, or request from a different person. You only need to say “ok” or “got it” or “will do” to address the issue through text or email. It is a way of telling them that you’re committed to completing the task and that you recognize the importance of their concerns to you.

People who don’t acknowledge that generally don’t get things accomplished effectively. It’s like saying, “maybe, but when I’m ready.” If you’re an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t go off with “maybes.” It’s a”yes” or “no” business. I’m a taskmaster; therefore, if I can’t complete something, I’ll locate someone else who can, or I will take care of it myself.

Relying on untrustworthy people can harm your business and your reputation.


Mobile phone etiquette is simply a list of practices that we incorporate into the way we interact with other people. Similar to dining out in a fancy eatery and driving in the car, this is the result of experience and integration. Be aware of your own behavior when you next communicate. If you’re not doing well in any one of the areas, Make it a priority to correct it. This could harm your image more than you realize.

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