Is It Possible to Grow a Business Based on Love and Understanding?

Is It Possible to Grow a Business Based on Love and Understanding

Recently, I received a question from a close friend about what I thought of attending an event that was silent with Mooji several years back. Most likely, but perhaps more importantly, what I would be doing to return to it since it is a subject of the discussion.

It was because we were discussing the function of a “seeker.” There is a part of us that wants to know the answer, the answer to our life’s questions and the answer to the question of what we are here for and the answer to the question of what the purpose of life is or any other questions related to that.

So long as we’re acting as the seeking, this is what prevents us from finding “the solution.”

It’s a contradiction. The only way to discover the answer is to disappear from the searcher. And obviously, when the seeker has gone missing and is never seen again, the seeker will never know the answer.

In the end, the revelation will take place due to the demise of the seeker.

The seeker is seeking to know the answer, but that answer is likely to end the life of the seeker since that is what it’s the seeking who blocks the truth. The word “truth” is used in a light way – the Truth because I am experiencing increasingly that there aren’t any words to describe the intangible or divine intelligence or the power behind life. The words themselves feel tiny.

In this piece and in my conversations with others, the need for words is a must which is why they’re in this article. I hope that you see the source of these words because that’s the most important part. I am in a peaceful place with a smile and a glow.

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I had a conversation with a person who is familiar with the things about which I’m talking to. He is aware that his heart is aware, or his heart knows that words are not enough. He is trying to use metaphors to explain or point, but all I can remember is the sensation I experience. It’s almost impossible to explain, but I’ll do my best.

It’s joy, laughter, peace, contentment, happiness, love, lightness, warmth, connection, and the ability to smile.

I am sure that he’s got it all. The man doesn’t pretend to be able to tell me all the answers or even anything. He simply talks about the formless and the forms here and there throughout the day. And something in me is drawn to him. I am awestruck by being with him. I’m guessing that you have a friend or a few individuals you like a lot and you enjoy being with them. This may not be due to the reasons I’ve listed here, but obviously. But, I would guess that you’ll have a positive feeling when you’re with them.

It is true that this is exactly what I’ve been saying for an extended period of time. It’s not about what we tell clients or the information we communicate to them, but rather the place we’re coming from that’s the most important thing.

At some point, our human nature senses an object or a person (again difficult to explain), and then we just are there. It could be a re-connection or remembering that we’re all the same. It’s a feeling of oneness with all life.

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There are many stories of people who were seeking and searching to meet “gurus” at the gurus’ house in India, and there was no word spoken, yet they received profound insights simply by having a conversation with someone who had attained “enlightenment.”

It is possible to ask what the reason I’ve written this information is and what it can do to do with expanding your business.

Well, great question!

Based on where I’m in the moment (metaphorically speaking, of course), the most efficient way to grow our business is to do it with the love and understanding of our clients. This is precisely the kind of thing Sue as well as I was discussing with our clients during our * Inside Out Business Retreat and subsequent support calls.

You can call it the base or platform or the foundation of all. All words are not sufficient. For me, it seems that if we are looking to build a genuine company and to be authentically marketing and selling, the more we are attuned to the person we truly are and experience the Oneness of our lives and the world around us, the better and our customers. This is the feeling we communicate to them with energy regardless of whether we use the words or not.

I’m aware that it could sound huge, too overwhelming to be considered perhaps too far away. It’s possible that you are right.

For me, it seems like a very good direction to be going toward at this point. To return to the point that I started with – why should I take a retreat in silence in the first place? Well, it’s like the perfect icing on the cake, in some ways. The reason I initially went was that I was in search mode and was seeking answers to life’s questions that were the truth.

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It’s more like Mmmmm, that sounds delicious! This is a little like saying that I don’t really need to travel for a vacation, but I would love to! Mooji would not like to hear about that. He doesn’t want anyone who shows up to the holiday, but he’s dedicated to helping people come to the truth of who they are, so not tell him that I said I said so (wink! ).

Aspects of the Paradox of Life

There may be a falsehood going on. Perhaps I am looking for something and am willing to accept that; however, I truly feel that I’m enjoying what life offers (except when I don’t, of course!)—the wonderful and never-ending nature of human life.

One of the phrases that my “enlightened” friend said frequently was “silence can be a song.”

“I” stands for “I,” “I” signifies Sheela and is used to convey although it is recognized as a form and non-formal aspect of everything. (If you are confused by this sentence, don’t bother with it!)

Sheela Masand was co-founder and working partner in an enterprise that was a multi-million Euro company for more than 12 years. After enduring the challenge of finding clients and earning money from her own company, She now focuses on helping other service professionals who are heart-centered to achieve this and in an authentic, non-sales-y style.