How to Price Your Programmes and Products

How to Price Your Programmes and Products

The question is: To charge or to how much?

This is the question I can almost guarantee my clients will ask.

“How much should my sessions or programs or products be charged?”

It’s a natural question. It’s essential to do it correctly. It shouldn’t be too expensive that people don’t believe it’s worthwhile but not so high that they don’t want to buy it.

We all know the old saying, “You get what you pay,” so they will not feel “ripped off” or “greedy.” They won’t complain if the price is low.

What’s the correct answer?

There is plenty of advice out there, and you might have heard it.

You should charge twice as much for group programs as you would for one-on-one programs.

Another option is to charge the market what it will bear. What are your clients willing and able to pay?

There is also the option to charge whatever makes you feel like you are going to vomit! This is definitely not the one I tried!

There is also the school of “charge your worth.” You can stop undervaluing yourself. Get positive self-talk and boost your self-esteem.

I have played with them all. My favorite is “resonant Pricing,” which Mark Silver of Heart of Business taught me. * He speaks of it as appreciation and not value. Appreciation is gentler and not judgmental. It can be critical to value ourselves.

I prefer appreciation

There is a process to achieve the resonance price. He talks about being quiet and grateful for everything around you.

This I consider deep listening. When we can discern the noise of our own thoughts from the stillness of wisdom, deep listening allows us to hear what is available for us. This is the wisdom that guides us in every moment.

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Resonant pricing means listening deeply to what is right at the moment. We are also looking at pricing. It will also be about the right clients. We have reached a point where we both feel it is the correct figure.

Comparing is not a win situation.

Now whether you think this is woo-woo or common sense, I don’t know, but what I do know without a shadow of a doubt is that it sure beats comparing my prices to those of my colleagues/competition.

Nobody has the same life experience as I do, so I am able to serve my clients the same way. It’s the exact same for you. You have your life experience, your knowledge, wisdom, and your expertise. So why should you compare yourself to others or even your products and services to them? It makes no sense. It is just absurd!

Your resonant price will be determined by listening to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of your ideal clients. This is where the juice lies, listening deeply to your own understanding.

Sheela Masand, a co-founder of and working partner in a multimillion-euro business, was her experience for more than 12 years. After struggling to find clients and making money with her own business, Sheela Masand now specializes in helping other heart-centered service professionals do the same. This is done in an authentic, non-sales-y manner.