How To Kill Business Barbarism

How To Kill Business Barbarism

Business barbarism refers to the use of old concepts in the modern world, some will provide success others will just slows the process of growth, other will just force down a downturn so choice plays a big role in uplifting the business.


Knowing everything in business does not mean doing everything in business,understanding how everything works does not mean a manager has to do all the work so being a jerk of all traits manager is good but slows the process of implementation and reduces the quality of products so delegate while you can and exercise you powers while it last.

Accepting Modern Technology

Modern technology makes the world go round; technology makes the world more hospitable. So make your products and services work for you, avoiding the baggage of you working for the product. Not using technology in today’s business world amounts to catastrophic business barbarism so accept not the idea, change is inevitable

Re Investing

A business without a going concern policy is a business that is as good as dead, a business without a growth and expansion policy is a business that lacks creativity yet enjoys barbarism. This barbaric nature will hang that entity with its balls asset if a reinvesting policy is not presented to expand its product and services that gives consumers substitutes and quality goods. So invest if you must whether it is increasing stock to reduce excess working capital, just invest! Invest. Invest!

Give Credit

Every human being living love free stuff, given an opportunity whether it is accepted it is left to interested persona, the concept is punctuated by the fact that the recession and rising inflation catalyze an opportunity for your consumer to access credit will go a long way in building a consumer and client base that is loyal to your product s and services, so perfect the art of credit, develop a credit policy and give credit.

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Advertising represents the modern culture of business, public display of products and services may seem impossible for small medium enterprises but the truth of the matter is the number adverts does not matter but the creative quality and standard of its development. So advertising kills the monotony of products and business, it refreshes it to its consumers, so whether you decide to advertise after this know it’s barbaric in business not to. Period

Paying Taxes

“Give Ceazer what belongs to Ceazer and to God what belongs to Him”.mark.12:17, Luke 20:25

Social Responsibility

That norm that states that successful businesmen decides whether to give back to the community is my problem. The phrase itself let alone the norm will kill business and advocate business barbarism so avoid if you can all contents separating you from social responsibility. It represents’ a mode of marketing though indirectly. Do have a discrete anti barbaric meditation session, peace and growth to your business

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