How to Get Started With Social Media for the 50-60-Something Entrepreneur

How to Get Started With Social Media for the 50-60-Something Entrepreneur

Some people may wonder what the title of this article means. They might be asking how to get started on social media. It might seem silly to some people, as most people simply jump into a platform and start posting.
Imagine if you like, that you are a 50- or 60-something new entrepreneur. You have probably posted most of your posts on Facebook, and you may have even contributed to the company’s LinkedIn Page. But you didn’t have to set up these social media accounts for your business.

Social media can seem overwhelming for small-business entrepreneurs, especially for those over 50 who haven’t been exposed to the internet in their youth. There are dozens of multimillion-dollar networks, and large companies investing millions of dollars. However, social media has the potential to bring your business a lot of exposure. It also offers the chance to reach your target audience and spread your message about your products and services.

Your competitors are already on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, YouTube, and other social media networks. A website and blog are not enough in a world filled with mobile apps and devices.

Here are some tips to get you started for the #FiftySomethingEntrepreneur.

The Right Approach to Social Media

Social media is social first and foremost. Although social media can be used by brands to market their products, and sometimes with paid ads, the real benefit is being able to interact with your customers. Google also considers the buzz generated on social media networks when ranking your search engine rank, which is how high you appear in the Google search results.

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Start small

There are many social media networks available, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google+. Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp. YouTube. YouTube. You may not have the resources or time to participate on all social networks as a startup or small business.

Starting small is a great strategy. Many businesses begin with #Facebook and #Twitter. Depending on the target market, you may find that some networks offer better returns than others.

Create an SM Marketing Strategy

A social media marketing strategy is essential. Social media can quickly become a time-sink without one. Consider your audience and their needs. Then, think about what you can offer them. You can decide what content works best for them. This could be articles, images, or videos, as well as short updates and how-to guides. Social media allows you to mix and match content to keep it interesting.

How to Create an Engaging Social Business Page

Personalize your accounts after creating them. Separate your professional and personal accounts. A business page is better than a profile. You can customize your page with your logo, business address, and other details. This also allows you to access data about your followers and fans. You can add a background and header to your business page. Also, make sure that all pages are consistent in design.

Content: Creation, Curation, and Timing

It is also important to decide how often you will update social media. At least twice or three times per week is the minimum, but you should aim to post something every day. You don’t need to create all of the content. You can always share or curate content from professionals in your industry, news sites, and other relevant sources as long as you credit the creators and do not infringe any usage rights.

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The key to success is being active and involved

After you have set up your accounts, the real work begins. It’s not enough to just post. Interacting with your audience is key. Answer their questions, start discussions, organize contests, reward loyal followers with mentions and, if possible, coupons or other freebies. Follow others, share their content and join discussions. If you’re not actively involved on social media, you will be invisible.

You can also make new professional connections through social media. Connect with your existing contacts and seek out influencers, experts, or other notable people in the industry. You might be able to share their content, and they may be interested in you.

Get Social

It’s also important to remember that small businesses can no longer be without social media. People won’t find you as easy if you aren’t “social” enough, so many will choose to go to your competition. If you don’t have time or the ability to manage social media marketing, you can either hire someone to help you or delegate it to someone in your company.

It is important to get involved in social media. It will get easier the more you put into a post. Have some fun.