How to Create Goals That Really Work

How to Create Goals That Really Work

When it comes to goal setting, there are two different perspectives that are important what you’re currently doing (current actuality) and the destination you wish to be (future perspective). Goal setting has been long considered a method to concentrate your focus and efforts towards achieving your dreams in the near future.

In coaching circles, the most popular method for planning goals uses the SMART methodology : Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Timely. The more precise you are about setting out your goals, the more easily you can adjust your effort and focus towards the realization of your desired.

Goal setting versus goal getting

Setting goals that are well-defined is only the beginning step of the process. If you follow Anthony Robbins not only will you established Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) but the next step is to do massive actions. It is imperative to take action to achieving your goals.

Is there a better way?

The majority of “take large step” movement is founded on the notion that acts of will prevail over decision-making and avoidance. It is a valid viewpoint. In fact, you can reach your goals by clearly stating your goals, forming strategies for achieving it and implementing actions to accomplish your objectives. It’s been that way for many years. It’s worked for some.

However, a lot of people I’ve encountered don’t have goals. They know they should , but yet they don’t. Or If they do, they fail to take the appropriate actions. It’s not as if they don’t think of what else to do. Could it be due to laziness or inability to believe?

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The Tao is a different thing from the Protestant work ethics

I wasn’t raised as a Protestant however, during my Catholic education, I learned concerning the Protestant work ethics. In a loose sense, it meant that you had to be a hard worker to earn money.

Perhaps Anthony Robbins was a Protestant? To my delight, I began exploring the Tao. I can imagine my excitement when I found out that the Tao’s fundamental Taoist philosophy was one of ease and flow. It was the complete contradiction of the Protestant work ethic.

Instead of battling, striving and achieving success through actions of determination, enormous action, and setting up big goals Instead of battling, fighting, and achieving massive goals, the Tao explained that there was an inherent harmony and balance to everything and the key was to simply get into flow. In fact, Esther Hicks in her channellings through Abraham refers to this as the art of Allowing.

Take out the blocks

Then it’s time to set goals and goal achieving. It is crucial to know what you would like to achieve. The trick to transition between an action of will and an act that is based on the heart, is to allow your inner voice dictate your decisions. Willful acts have their place. What I’m talking about is the interaction between your conscious as well as your unconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind controls the motor functions of your brain. If it’s programmed, it doesn’t engage in debate about the relative merits of the idea you’re doing, it simply does the job of what it’s directed to do.

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In the massive action model , you programme your subconscious mind with affirmations, visualisations , and other mind-over-matter tricks. The model employs the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) methods to alter the associations and recall of events from the past. This isn’t illegal and is not immoral. Does it work? Yes , it is. Does it conform to the Tao? Most likely not.

For those who are seeking the path of heart it isn’t the right path. There is a method for goals setting and goal achieving with a heart. It’s the way to follow the Tao or, as Rumi has said, “Let yourself be silently attracted by the attraction of what you truly want to do”.

Here are three things you can do today:

1. The most important thing to create with your heart is not to change the subconscious programming of your mind, but rather to relax your mind and be in your heart. The most important thing is feeling, instead of thinking. By doing this, you connect with your intuition. Your intuition is the key to an infinite amount of intelligence.

2. Dare to dream The SMART acronym can be a bit confusing. “R” for realistic “R” means realistic. isn’t the most effective method to achieve something that you have never thought of previously. You require an element of imagination, that is. not the real world. Create your own reality. Find ways to be imaginative.

3. Self-awareness particularly with regard to your feelings, is crucial. Your body’s physiology offers you continuous clues. Pay attention to how you feel and honor yourself.

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Enjoy yourself while doing the process. Goal setting is best accomplished when it’s fun creative, imaginative, and unbound by the day-to-day pressures.