How to Amaze Your People

How to Amaze Your People

It is a world full of tribalism. Some use words. Others use clicks. Some make use of clay. Some make use of old crops, harvest fruits as well as wild locusts.

No matter if you’re a metropolitan American or rural Peruvian You’ll have your tribes, too. Social tribes. Media tribes. Startup tribes. In reality, the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet each do one thing exceptionally effectively: excite their community. These tried and tested tips will aid you to do the same.

1. Listen fabulously.

People are awed by those who listen. Walls are demolished. Bridges are constructed. Partnerships are formed through the heat of the moment. Agatha Christie, who had an enormous cult following in her time, clearly understood this. “An appreciative listener,” she said, “is always stimulating.”

However, even the best of us are susceptible to missing the mark, and losing the most valuable opportunity to be heard listening. Practice like an Olympian. Learn to listen to what people are saying… what they say, how they express they say it… after they speak… the things they don’t say.

Take deliberate steps. Allow comments to your website. Create your own cyber suggestion box. Organise a weekly talk-in program. Create a small focus group. Have a discussion over coffee. What ever you choose to talk about, be sure to pay attention to (yes and to stimulate!) your community frequently.

2. Do the dishing of the steak.

A good piece of information is more valuable than an Picasso. Nobody understands this better than the artist Eli Pariser. In the ever-growing world of “secret” collection of personalized information, he wrote the most shocking 300-page book, The Filter Bubble, to show “what the Internet is hiding from you.”

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Bright Simons, a native of Ghana established a company to combat fraud in medicine in the developing world. The Pedigree Network is currently operating in eight countries around the world The Pedigree Network lets people determine via text messages whether their medication is authentic.

Sojourners magazine recently published an article about how its tribe is adjusting to the next corporate step: looking at the earth’s public water resources, and savoring the possibility of turning it into a billion-dollar “pay-to-drink” commodity.

Learn from Pariser, Simons, and Sojourner magazine’s lead. The public needs to know the latest developments, and preferably from a leader of the tribe who is active as you. Be a forward-thinker. Be courageous. Don’t skimp on a chunk of solid information.

3. Bring out the fireworks

What do Kaggle YouNoodle, Kaggle, and Dwolla each have in the same? These three “wow” the socks off their families. And it’s not the latest technology.

For Kaggle it’s all about data science. A company that combines “minds” to “matters”, Kaggle hosts online contests that let the best and most innovative minds to tackle hard-to-solve data-related issues. Participants can participate from any location around the globe Contestants are amazed not just by the sheer ferocity of the task but also by the rich reward. (Think that you could win up to $6K on average, for each solution! ).

YouNoodle creates competitions at the intersection of entrepreneurs and technologists. The CEO Rebeca Hwang, like Anthony Goldbloom of Kaggle, is able to utilize her “noodle.’ She calls herself an “mega-connector” who helps make the world more innovative She has the perfect idea and the appropriate platform that is digital wonderment.

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Ben Milne is educating business owners all over the world about the unfair transaction fees that cost U.S. merchants alone a total of $66.5 billion in 2012! The solution? Dwolla is a simple bank-connected, secure payment system which charges only.25 cents for transactions of more than $10. If you don’t, it’s free. Sign up at numerous coffee shops and corner stores to rush to Dwolla. (Thanks, Ben!)

It’s true that the list isn’t over. Join today. Join the tribe and set your followers on fire today. It’s not a position for the “Fantastic Four”. It’s an opportunity for anyone who is capable of leading with great listening as well as good information and great innovation.

(Hint This means: You Sherlock).

Linette Marie Allen is the founder Director and founder of DreamZu Personal Development consulting firm based at Washington, DC. Linette often gives lectures across the world on the business of imagination. She is also regularly contributing to EzineArticles and other print publications. She has a master’s degree in social and organizational psychological sciences from the London School of Economics.