Getting a Mindset to Work

Getting a Mindset to Work

What number of times you’ve experienced motivators, motivational talks, growth experts, and life coaches speaking about developing a “positive mental attitude”? It’s possible that you’ve seen it several times before. Even if you’re not sure of the meaning, you may be wondering what it really means. However, in the course of your life, you’ve probably never heard this expression previously! Therefore, one of the most important things is to understand what having a mindset means?

Everyone has a mind—the place where thinking, theories, emotions and perceptions are formed. The reason is located in a space that is the most potent computer created by mankind, the brain. In accordance with Wikipedia: “In a human, the cerebral cortex is home to about 15-33 billion neurons with synapses connecting them to thousands of other neurons. The neurons communicate with each other through long protoplasmic fibres known as Axons. They transmit signals known as action potentials to distant brain regions or body, which target specific recipient cells.”

Wow! How amazing!

In other words, based on the situation we’re experiencing or thinking, the brain’s neurons brain enable our minds to see the reality before us. When the circumstances surrounding us are hostile and stress-inducing, the resultant perception of a negative-leaning mentality can be deceiving because once it is affected in this manner and manifests in health issues, misinformation and internalizing negative energy, and even acting in a way that is rude and unprofessional. Therefore, the key is to develop positive thoughts by feeding your mind with positive images and ideas, and there are a variety of options to achieve this:

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Take a listen to motivational speakers and self-development experts;
Make a space that is quiet or an area where your mind can sort through the garbage it’s being fed daily by the media around it.
Enjoy music that is upbeat;
Take a look at positive quotes, affirmations and read books
Do your best to surround yourself with positive people to dispel negative thoughts;
When our mind is trained to concentrate on positive reviews and positivity, it is more apparent whether it’s in a negative state (since humans are human and flawed!) and what must be changed to get into the right place.
For anyone who is an entrepreneur, individual and marketer, CEO or even an employee, maintaining a positive outlook is essential and crucial to the way we reach our goals because, like everything else on this planet, there will be obstacles. The question is, how can we conquer the challenges when life isn’t easy, or the test appears to never end? Similar to being on a vessel or ship during a violent storm or on an undulating and rough sea, surrounded by waves on the wave, much higher than the ship or boat itself, the captain needs to assure his passengers and crew to ensure that all will go okay. It is his responsibility to offer security and stability, and he must achieve this by having an optimistic mindset supported by his confidence and expertise. If he doesn’t manage to do this, he’ll face more problems with his hands than dealing with the weather.

I’ve experienced a fair number of difficult times, and I’m always trying to improve; however, I don’t quit or throw away the towel. However, I enjoy the test because it is a chance to get me outside of my comfort zone and challenge me to tackle the test. It’s not easy. It’s scary, but I will never stop trusting in myself or my capabilities. I don’t believe that I’m not worthy or not worthy. The bottom line is that an optimistic mindset can help you beat even the smallest of obstacles, and I’m saying to anyone who hasn’t achieved it, develop one.

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