From Getting Ready to Where You Love to Be

From Getting Ready to Where You Love to Be

It was like everything had been planned for me years ago when I made this decision in my life. I can recall myself answering yes-no questions and deciding that I would answer them. I knew then that I was on the right track. I finally started listening to what it is I want to be. This feeling of being without what you want in life is something that everyone knows. When I look back, I am amazed at how simple things have been. This is a testament to the fact that we were created to create. All of us are created to bring new blessings into the world. One doesn’t want to live a more fulfilling life with such courage when called to a special cause. It was me who admitted it, put aside the fear, and took action.

My belief is that each of us, as individuals, has such uniqueness that we can only contribute to the well-being of humanity in a special way. It is impossible for anyone else to do this job.

I worked 14 years in finance and IT for a multinational company. It was obvious that my experience, leadership skills, and financial expertise were just preparation. Even though I tried to justify my actions, I said: “That’s alright Julia, you can keep growing, there are positions in a higher ranking for you to climb.” That period of my life was one I will never forget. It was a great time in my life. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet amazing professionals, participate in international projects, and have many privileges to learn more. While I was still employed by a large company and market leader in chocolate production and sales, I completed my second education in Finance & Accounting and became a professional chartered accountant. It was something I understood that assuming a larger role and more responsibility was not only attractive but also stable and secure. It is hard to argue with the fact that being CIO/CFO of a multinational company with brands in every grocery shop will be a resounding title. The family would be proud. Everyone would show respect. Friends’ children would be happy and would love you forever if you kept showing up with a few kilos of chocolate each time we meet.

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But a tiny voice whispered to me, “Rise up, act, there is more work ahead of you.”

It was also touching because someone was talking about creating jobs. This was it. I couldn’t be the one listening. These jobs must be created by me.

1. Recognizing the purpose

It was clear to me and I took the next step from employee into entrepreneur skin. There is this channel, a great cause that is intended for me. Through which my talents and skills have been continuously transmitted and are worthy of a determined effort to strengthen and enhance all.

Next, it was a realization that my responsibilities will now be about caring for others and living high values, rather than continuing functional knowledge or increasing experience. It will be about being wise in my choices. This is where you must exercise great diligence and look back to see what has happened in the past. Winston Churchill once said, “The further back you can look the more likely you are to see.”

My professional life is a complex puzzle that must be solved.

2. Get rid of the fear and master waiting

My daily challenge was to overcome fear and step out, especially at the beginning of my journey. The assurance that there is a grand plan is what kept me going. It was amazing, but I kept my head up and worked with good spirits. I discovered that there was no fear.

Second, I learned that waiting is a key to missing out on the most transformative times in my life. Every significant decision took time. Being patient and waiting has made me mature, solid, and more grounded. I can now confirm that there is always a period between harvest and seed-time.

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3. Step into Action

I was willing and able to show discipline, diligence, and self-control until the point of perfection. This was crucial for me. These actions, which we call “clean your messes” or “water your seeds”, were my daily tasks. My weekly, if not daily, duties included paying attention to strategic and operational planning, accounting for transactions, and keeping in touch with customers and prospects.

It was important to be able to relax. My journey taught me to relax. It is now a day without a to-do list.

A Better Life for All

Although it is a difficult journey, many people who dare to take on that kind of uphill struggle have been rewarded with a better life and plenty.

It was a worthwhile cause through which my talents and skills have been continuously transmitted. I believe it is worthy of an unwavering effort to strengthen and enhance all. Although it was a difficult climb up, the rewards were many and a better life for all.