Employment V Self Employment: Advantages and Disadvantages

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The recession hit the credit markets the hardest and a rise in number of people are contemplating whether to continue seeking paid work or pursue self-employment. There are pros and cons for both, so let’s take a an examination of the advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed or employed.


Self-employment offers certain advantages, including greater freedom, satisfaction and the ability to choose who you work with, and a possibility to pursue your passions and earn a living doing something you love. There is also the chance to earn more money when you are self-employed than you could if you were working for another person.

The most difficult aspect of working for yourself is the pressures and costs of running a small company. The creation of a business isn’t easy and requires you to be totally committed, determined to be resilient, resilient, and awe-inspiring. Naturally, adequate funding is essential. However, it is feasible to succeed as a self-employed entrepreneur , you require a solid mindset and a strong business plan that outlines the goals of your company and its growth prospects. A company formation agency can assist you should you require assistance.

Self-employment also means that you’ll have to understand how to comply with the law and determine the best way to establish your business quickly and efficiently, along with taxes and how you can reduce your expenses against profits. Are you required to employ an accountant, or are you able to manage your financial affairs yourself? Profiting during the initial years is the toughest however tax breaks that go up to PS7500 in the initial three years gives you breathing room.

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Pros and Cons of Being employed

The most significant benefit that comes with being employed by someone who is not your employer is the financial security and additional benefits like paid holidays with a guaranteed pension, paid holidays and bonuses that could be a possibility. Additionally, you have the benefit of knowing what you’ll take home each month , and being able to manage your money to stay within your budget.

If you’re in an occupation with people that whom you are comfortable with, it is obvious that you are the most secure and secure choice. However, jobs for people are the leading source of anxiety, depression and poor health. The pressure placed on employees to do more effectively to get more financial rewards frustrates many employees at various points in their careers as well as the absurdity of corporate policies and office politics.

The act of getting up to fill the pockets of your fellows is a task in and of the process and could lead to anger, self-disgust and lack of motivation. Naturally, you bring your troubles to your home and this can affect your personal life, place pressure on your family and cause you to consume alcohol. One day, you must consider whether it is worth the risk.

Employed or self-employed is a reality for the majority of people today and should be approached by having a realistic perspective.