Business Deal on Twitter by Elon Musk

Business Deal on Twitter by Elon Musk

Elon Musk Elon Musk, the Canadian American business magnate, had his latest business announcement on Twitter following his public announcement of resolving the blackout in Australia in 100 days. He installed 25 million dollars in battery capacity. It was an arrangement he made via Twitter along with his friend Mike Cannon-Brookes.

Musk replied by tweeting: “Tesla will get the system installed and working 100 days from contract signature, or it is free. That serious enough for you?”

He offered a cost of $250 per hour for systems that produce 100 megawatts that would translate to that cost that was $25,000,000 for batteries.

“You’re on, mate. Give me seven days to try and sort out politics & funding,” Cannon-Brookes tweeted. Excerpts are taken from Sonali Paul article (Reuters)

When was the last time you conducted a business deal on any of the social media? What can you do to leverage online and social media opportunities to generate value? Do you observe successful entrepreneurs in optimizing the efficiency of social media platforms? What are the best ways to look for business opportunities? These questions will be addressed in the following article.

Exploring my social media marketing potential to my business

Quit being myopic:

If you’re still struggling to understand that conventional marketing is falling out of the reach of young people, you must stop being narrow. Deals for businesses with millennials are different from the conventional contexts. Yes, there have been deals settled at the gulf field, following a dinner at a business lunch, or even after a soccer match. These are traditional situations. Now, entrepreneurs settle business deals via electronic media.

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B2B EM Electronic marketplace has created a variety of tools that facilitate smooth transactions between businesses. A vital tool in this regard is social media. Companies can find the majority of their clients through the platform. Therefore, whether you’re an established company or small-scale business and are considering making the possibility of a new business deal, efficient use of social media platforms could help you in your search. provides a comprehensive review of various social media platforms that are available

Learn to get acquainted through training:

Are you an entrepreneur with a vision? Are you aware of how social platforms can be feeds for whatever industry or business you’re in? For businesses, it is essential to establish international customer lists. This is possible through a variety of social media tools, and it involves the use of a variety of electronic EMS Marketing Strategies.

Your EMS should have a foundation based upon your company’s goals as well as your intended customers or audience. One of your strategies for marketing should include a robust campaign using social networks. But there are a few social media platforms that are suitable to benefit your company.

This is due to the fact that your EMS is designed around your goals and your target customers. Therefore, it’s essential, to begin with, the social networks where these two factors, EMS and target clients, can be optimized. If your target customers are youngsters, you can pull out an idea and share the strategy in the social networks they accounts.

Its ROI (Return on Investment) from the advertising campaign is greatly dependent on the strategy and the skills employed in the course of the campaign. Every social media platform has its own unique characteristics and requires training to maximize its effectiveness. To achieve the best objectives using them, you should be certified or hire an expert to assist in this work.

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Follow the directions:

The marketplace has been thrown around from traditional methods. Your customers aren’t ignorant to buy from you on the phone, but they’re brilliant and are inundated with an abundance of data. Therefore, businessmen must skillfully hang out where their leads do. In order for a business to reap the benefits of the effectiveness of following its lead, it must be aware of these three points.

The notion is that males (generic) are affluent:

The core of social media is based on this premise. The most successful companies always factor in this understanding, that their success is on the sole source of their income, and they strive to treat their clients well. Similar principles apply to those who make the most of profits from. Make sure you treat your leads well.

They are driven by value:

The majority of campaigns run by different companies are destined to end in the trash bin. This is due to the fact that most sellers are not product-oriented but rather people-focused. Before you offer to leads, add value by providing content that is value-driven. Build confidence in your leads by letting them be confident in you using the email address of their choice. Don’t pressure them to purchase your product but instead meet the needs of your customers.

They reciprocate kindness

If you’ve completed this step and you are confident that your prospects will appreciate your kindness with their support.

The tools of the millennial generation:

There are more than fifty social media platforms you can use to boost and enhance the performance of your business and increase your profits. Learn about these tools.

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