Bootcamp Versus Online Training For The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam

Bootcamp Versus Online Training For The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam

Which is the best option in preparing for the PMP Exam? Bootcamp or online training?

What exactly are Bootcamps, you might ask? Bootcamps are quick-paced, short-term training sessions that are designed to help you pass the PMP exam in the shortest time. As the name implies, it is a training program where it is the PMBOK Guide material is drilled into your mind over the course of just a few weeks.

Here is a quick analysis of each to make the decision simpler. Bootcamps and online PMP Courses have advantages and drawbacks. It’s up to you to choose which one you prefer and which will best suit your schedule and needs:

— Cost & Time

The cost of boot camps is high, but if you’re not worried about the cost and don’t have the time to commit it, they’re a great method to finish it. Bootcamps can cost you as much as thousand dollars for a single program, but online training only covers one-third of the cost. Online training generally requires a long period of time to finish. Some programs let you complete the course at your leisure in a certain time frame and with deadlines. You can easily organize and manage your work and personal obligations with the classes. It is not necessary to isolate yourself for a few days or even take time off from work.

– Content Learning

Another factor to be considered is the amount of education you can expect from both training types. Because of the short duration of Bootcamps, they typically concentrate on memorizing the key elements to help you achieve enough success for the PMP exam. This means that the primary focus is passing the exam and not much else. They don’t offer the candidate additional information about the concepts or principles of project management. This means that they don’t help you become an effective PM in your job or in your company. If you’re interested in getting a complete foundation and understanding of management, in conjunction with passing your PMP Examination, it is likely that you would prefer to take online courses that allow you to spend time reading examples and learning concepts.

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— Space & Logistics

Bootcamps are usually limited in spaces and are offered only at certain times of the year. Also, they’re not always close to the location you reside in. Online courses are accessible and with open enrollment. They are also just as accessible as your desktop or laptop computer. There is no need for commuting or travel costs for overnight stays have to be incurred.

– Preparation Mindset

If you’re considering taking the Bootcamp option, it’s vital that you’re ready to absorb a large amount of material quickly. If you wish to perform well and reap the maximum benefit of the training, you must be able to remember and digest this information easily and keep it in your mind. If you’re not prepared to deal with all the requirements, maybe going through the slower-paced online courses is a better choice for you.

Whatever option you pick, be sure to choose wisely and pick the course which best meets your requirements and is one you feel most at ease with. Be sure to research and study thoroughly prior to making the decision to enroll. Best of luck, and have fun studying!

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