Are We Born Entrepreneurs?

Are We Born Entrepreneurs

“The most important thing is getting off your back by doing something. It’s that easy. There are many people with thoughts. However, there are a few who make a decision to do something to implement them today. It’s not tomorrow. This week. Today is the day. True entrepreneurs are who is a performer, not a dreamer.” Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari.

Western society is flooded with the idea of self-created entrepreneurs. Although some may view Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton as smart businesswomen and entrepreneurs, born There is another group of people who specialize in making money and lifestyle they would like. It is done with no limitations on an employer’s wages, work hours, and hourly wage.

It could be an unwelcome surprise for you to learn that millionaires aren’t a product of trees or made in factories in China. They may be difficult to locate in our unstable economy, but they’re not an untruth. They are real. The past is rich with self-made millionaires who revolutionized their fields with their talent and commitment. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs were all visionaries who strived to fulfill their dreams regardless of the price. According to Peter Drucker, an American businessman, once stated, “The businessman always looks for changes, and then responds and seizes the opportunity.”

Finding a Passion

Walt Disney began his career by decorating for the Red Cross Ambulance he drove during World War One with cartoon illustrations. They fought hard to launch their well-known companies, fighting the Depression, wars, stagnant economies, and bleak prospects.

The times have changed, but youngsters today face the same economic downturn that many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs had to face. According to, It’s difficult for young people to find opportunities that allow them to grow their skills. With over a million young people without a job across the United Kingdom and many people who work for free in order to get experience, It’s not an easy opportunity for anyone looking to make it onto the job ladder. It’s also difficult to begin an enterprise and then start it with the right funding and backing.

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Sir Richard Branson is an English business magnate and the perfect example of a self-made businessman. Branson began his record business in the church’s crypt, where he operated The Student Magazine. Branson called it Virgin Records. Branson believes that entrepreneurs can prosper by accumulating wealth. However, there’s something else to consider in their business strategies. “For the successful entrepreneur, it could mean extreme wealth. However, with high wealth comes great responsibility. The responsibility of me will be to put money into the creation of new companies, to create employment opportunities, recruit people and save money to tackle problems in which we can be of help,” he says. “There is no reason to set up your own business in the absence of a feeling of anger.”

Age Does Not Matter. Passion and drive

Entrepreneurs do not have to be constrained by the age of their clients. American Tanner Leuellen was only eight when he was a participant in business events in 2009 and was handing the business cards he was carrying. Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs began their careers young, like Cameron Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Peter Cashmore.

However, there could be other elements, according to long-time consultant for entrepreneurs John J. Rooney that can contribute to their success. An analysis of the business education program which he taught on behalf of the University of Southern California revealed that the majority of successful entrepreneurs founded businesses within niches where they have previous experience in the business. Individuals who have formal training are more likely to succeed than those doing it on the spur of the moment. “I’ve observed students perform very well even if they don’t possess the charismatic persona we associate with entrepreneurs. They can learn to market themselves even in the event that they’re uncomfortable with the idea or face issues with their culture,” he says.

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The ability to be optimistic and persistent are the two most important characteristics of entrepreneurs that can be developed through deliberate practice, according to David Weiman, a management psychologist from the suburbs of Philadelphia and a professor of psychology at Strayer University.

Entrepreneurs – A Driving Force In Society

A former American president Ronald Reagan said once, “Entrepreneurs and their small-scale enterprises are the primary reason behind nearly all the growth in economic activity across the United States.”

You might be thinking, what do they do to achieve this? The past has shown that without the efforts of entrepreneurs, a nation might not be able to reach its maximum potential. The growth of the economy in a nation is contingent on ideas, innovations, and technological advancements.

However, getting the resources to the international and national marketplaces is dependent on the concept and implementation by entrepreneurs. The visionary business owners conduct thorough market research, develop business plans, and look for investors and finance. They then work to develop goods and services which make use of the resources of a nation. From food, technology, and entertainment to business, entrepreneurs form the core of the nation’s economy, sharing their space with well-established multinational companies as well as government agencies.

Entrepreneurs create jobs, boost profits, and contribute to taxes that fund a nation’s welfare programs, the health system, and infrastructure like roads. Without the money that entrepreneurs contribute to taxing nations, they may not be able to adequately provide for their citizens.

Do What You Love To Do, And You Will Be Successful

In this technological and media-driven world, it may seem like an enormous feat to achieve the level of Branson or Zuckerberg; however, prior to dying in the year 2011, Steve Jobs put it in simple terms: “You have to enjoy your work.”

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He was correct. Every person has a desire to make money doing something they enjoy. If it’s writing novels or creating art, or even gardening, People are motivated by their passion for what they do. Entrepreneurship doesn’t only revolve around making money or bringing your product into the market. It’s about creating the direction of your business with your ideas. Brain Tippens, an American consultant in business, said, “An entrepreneur isn’t simply an individual who starts a business or someone we are grateful to for investing in our nation. An Entrepreneur, in my opinion, is someone with an idea and a project.”