5 Top Reasons to Be Your Own Boss

5 Top Reasons to Be Your Own Boss

It is estimated that more than 80percent of people want to start their own businesses. However, the majority of them don’t take the plunge because of anxiety or other motives. If you’ve been thinking about leaving your 9-5 job, I’m here to inform you that having your own boss is the most rewarding thing you can do. Here are the five most compelling reasons to be your own boss

You strive for something you love.

Ask any of the employees at companies, and they’ll say that they’re working because they are waiting for their monthly paycheck. Research shows that as high as 60 percent of workers are scared of getting to their place of work. That doesn’t mean it has to be you. When you run your business, you pursue your passion. This is not just a source of satisfaction but also contributes to the success of your business.

You are freer.

Although you’ll still have to answer your clients, you will have more freedom as an employee. In the role of an employee, you function as a computer under the control of management. However, this is not the case when you’re managing your business. In the course of running your business, you decide on the direction of your business. Also, you can decide on your hours of operation and the way you would like things to be carried out.

You are the owner and have control.

When you’re an employee, the only thing you can earn from your employer is your wage. When your employer terminates you, you’re done. If you run your own business, you are the proprietor. If you do not include venture capitalists or angel investors, or partners who are partners, you will have all the ownership rights of the business.

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As we’ve said in the case of employed, you work like a robot. You don’t enjoy control over your actions as you are governed by management. In business, you steer your own ship. Sure, economies can crash, or new and more efficient competitors could emerge; however, in the end, you have control over your business, and you’re the only person accountable for its performance and failure.

Being your boss is less of a risk.

Although this may sound odd, it’s true. What number of times do you have witnessed firms reducing their size, restructuring, and rationalizing their operations? Numerous times, surely? Even if you’re said to be in permanent employment, however, you must quit the company at some time.

We could affirm that the future of the company is contingent on forces beyond your control. If your manager, boss, or colleagues do not like you, you may quickly lose your job. In your workplace, you’re the only one who can take action to remove yourself. If you aren’t working hard, you lose customers and thus don’t have enough cash to pay for your expenses.

You earn more money.

If you’re an employee, you receive a fixed salary. That means you are unable to earn more than the amount you are paid unless you commit theft or do a number of other illegal activities. When your company has gained momentum, and you’ve got the right clients, the sky’s the limit of the potential earnings you can earn.