5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do At Year End!

5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do At Year End!

I’ve studied the strategies of successful entrepreneurs at the end of each year. One of the most attractive aspects of their strategies is… They stick to the basics.

What I’ve discovered is that the success of a person breeds success. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel, and there is no need to make things more complicated. This is the mindset of many entrepreneurs I work with.

I prefer to keep things simple. This is what keeps me satisfied, and it’s what makes me successful as well.

Since we are nearing the end of this year, I thought to share my thoughts on the five things that successful entrepreneurs have in common that allow them to progress with ease and with peace of mind.


To be truthful, if there’s one thing I need to ensure, and extremely, it’s those of my professional journals. Although they might not be as exciting to look through as a personal diary or journal, the contents are worth a million dollars. Seriously! I’ve spent thousands on my coaching staff over the last few years, and the notes I have taken from retreats and coaching sessions are worth a great deal of money. I purchase a million dollar’ Journal at the end of every year and then move some of my notes, and I’m ready to start from the beginning of January with clean, fresh, and new pages. Take one out and notice the difference it makes having all your notes together in one place to ensure success. It’s also great working in a stunning leather-bound notebook too. (get an elegant pen to match it!)

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I swear the paper that is in my office is like rabbits! It’s as if the paper keeps duplicating in the same way and then breeding. Or some similar thing. The paper appears out of the blue. I am aware that successful entrepreneurs operate in a tidy, clutter-free space. I have a routine to keep my desk and office clear of clutter, and it is the most important thing to the way I work. When the year comes to an end, I am also brutal in cleaning. I love the feeling. I feel relaxed and at ease. I’m sure this is an important step for a lot of you. When I begin meeting with new clients, and they fill out an intake form for clients, one of the first questions I ask is, “what can you allow yourself to do? Most of the time, they have a messy desk and office. This is why now is the right time. Get started. You’ll be happy that you did.

Tips #3 REACH to others and SHARE Thanks

Entrepreneurs who are successful are aware that no one can achieve the same level of competence or success in their businesses entirely on their own. Everyone requires help. Entrepreneurs who succeed express their gratitude and thank the people who helped them to develop. They extend their hand and say their thanks and often recognize this appreciation as an official acknowledgment too. Think about the five people who have been the most helpful to you this year. Contact them – make a phone call, and then write a personal note. It’s a short process and is a huge blessing for the vast majority of those who are on the receiving end.

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The most successful entrepreneurs analyze their numbers at the close of the year. Now is the time for a closer examine what was successful and what didn’t the year. Create a budget for the next year. Also, be tough and cut out the expenses that didn’t yield the return on investment (return of investment). Discover and research new ways to go about your business new locations to explore and learn new things—request recommendations from colleagues, particularly regarding professional growth.

Tip #5: PLAN SOME VACATION FOR the upcoming year

There is no way to keep going and moving to and going. Nobody can. Everyone must recharge and stop. Make sure you are in control of your calendar, and before the year’s end, determine which dates you’ll be taking your much-needed vacation during the next twelve months. Mark it on your calendar with the ink. Don’t compromise in taking care of yourself. When I first launched my company five years ago, the only “vacation time was Friday afternoon on a week during the summer. It was that simple. It was all I could do when I was trying to build the business from the ground up. As time went on, I now plan holidays every quarter. It could be a long, extended weekend or an entire week or two weeks – it’s all up to me according to the things I’m looking to accomplish and where I’d like to travel. I’m heading to Africa for a Business Mentoring trip in March, and I’m thinking of adding the days of vacation to this project. Check your calendar now and make sure you are good to yourself – make sure you mark off a few days – make it thrilling and emotional and something you can look at.

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So, there you go! These are the easy strategies for success I have observed and used in my personal life and in my business. They’re simple and effective.

Keep it simple!

Pat Mussieux is fast becoming an extremely sought-after Canadian coach for female entrepreneurs, taking her own venture from nothing to a six-figure business from her home in less than four years. A large part of her success is due to her experience in the field of marketing, mentality, and finances!