5 Popular Products To Sell On eBay & Amazon – Used Games/Movies/Books, Branded Fashion + More

5 Popular Products To Sell On eBay & Amazon - Used GamesMoviesBooks, Branded Fashion + More

It is commonly known as “retail arbitrage”, which involves buying low-cost products from companies like Walmart and then selling them online for a small profit. Although it is not the best way to earn a living, it can help you save money and allow you to invest in more inventory.

Retail arbitrage is a wonderful example of the opportunities that are available in today’s fast-paced world. This tutorial will give you an overview of which products you should design and how to sell them on the plethora of online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world. The most important thing is to recognize that EVERYTHING IS A OPPORTUNITY. Just because something seems absurd, does not mean it will be for you. The trick is to know the right things to do to create wealth. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but if you view it from the perspective that you want to make life better, it’s the best way to go.

How it works

The rise of the internet has made entrepreneurship somewhat more common in the last 20 years. It used to be that to start a business, you needed a lot of capital. You could only serve a specific market if you had the money.

With very few barriers to entry, the Internet allowed us to reach a worldwide audience. While it increased competition in this area, it also gave people with the right mindset the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and build a substantial asset-base using the products that most people buy online.

This is where most people see the greatest opportunities in modern times. It involves offering new products to the worldwide online community. You can do this through your website, Amazon, eBay, or any other major online marketplaces. Understanding how it works is key to growth. This will allow you to make significant progress if done correctly.

What to Sell

1. Books/Movies/Games Used

This is by far the most important category to anyone who wants to succeed. It’s almost impossible to make a profit selling used entertainment products. This is how Amazon began and it is a very good business.

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You’ll find people on Amazon / eBay willing to pay top-price if you can get hold of products that have high sales volumes and decent prices.

Recently, I sold many Nintendo 64 games. They were a “job lot” that I purchased from a friend. The cost for the large box was $50.

After listing them with photos on eBay, I realized that many were very valuable… Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64, as well as Goldeneye 007, received bids of $35 each. “Zelda Majora’s Mask” was the most sought-after, fetching $65.

Because I owned several of these games, I was able to make a substantial profit from the lot. This money was then used to buy a variety of lots with similar rare games.

I have also sold many books, including “The Secret”, the most popular. A series of movies was also one of my friends that I wanted to sell. Both of these can be sold on Amazon and eBay. This will allow you to make a decent profit from both.

2. Branded Fashion

This is a huge one.

People are constantly searching eBay for “branded” fashion deals. They’ll jump on any deal that offers a high-quality product at a fraction of what it would cost on the high street.

While you might think it’s obvious, most people don’t realize that you can buy brand-name fashion products at a variety of outlet stores and then sell them online for a profit.

A good example is Ralph Lauren. This brand is mid-tier and has “Outlet” shops around the globe. I purchased a sweater from one of their Outlets here in the UK for PS20.99. It was not what I wanted so I decided to sell it online. The RRP of the sweater is PS110. After listing it for several weeks, the price jumped to PS28.99.

This allowed me to make a large profit by doing very little. I just flipped the product for huge money. This was possible with many other Ralph Lauren products, as well as Michael Kors. Handbags for women were the most popular products to resell, with high profits.

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This cannot be done with Amazon. Only eBay can do it.

3. Web Design / Technical Services

This is because you are not selling the actual “service” via Amazon/eBay but rather the products that you create from it.

Web Design / Technical Services is a way to give people the chance to embrace the digital age. You can launch a website or an online marketing campaign with your assistance.

You will usually get a lot of local support for this service – advertising “website construction” for $299 in your local paper almost guarantees leads. The trick to this service is to “solidify any growth with actual boxes products.

Imagine you are a WordPress developer. Imagine that you are a web developer who uses WordPress. Imagine that you want to be able to do this in the future. A plugin is a tool that allows you to share the functionality with others.

This product can be sold online. It is easy to create a premium version of the plugin. This can be made into a simple product and sold on Amazon or eBay for $14.99.

This type of sale is almost always profitable. It’s easy to do once and continue earning money no matter what you do.

4. eBooks/How-To Manuals

People will always seek out “how-to manuals” that skip the meat on the bones. You can’t write about subjects that are not regulated (medical, financial, etc.) but there are many “problems” that require specific information.

Buying Property
Moving Overseas
Create a Network
Repairing Computers
HAM Radio
Arduino Development
How to Create Web-Based Applications
Game Development
Writing a novel
Wedding planning for beginners
How to tailor your own suit

All of these can be packaged together and sold on large online marketplaces. The book can be priced at $7.99 for a small edition, $14.99 for a larger one, and $29.99 for a more extensive version.
These products should be used to generate leads for a larger business. These products are in high demand. People will often buy them to fulfill an underlying need (to travel abroad) or to enjoy a new part of their lives.

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When “selling” this product, ALWAYS use a personal brand. Position yourself (or the person who created it) as an expert.

You can also support this with a YouTube channel and Twitter feed. Also, you can host regular meetups to assist people in different local communities. This strategy should not include the products you sell on Amazon/eBay.

This is an important market for information marketing. You should consider it if you have strong skills and perhaps a university education. This is the key message: practice what you preach. Fakes are always exposed in the end.

5. Game Cheats / Hacks / Guides

The market for “eSports” is expanding.

This is because many people have an obsession with becoming “really” good at a certain game. These people can be many but they won’t purchase anything that improves their skills. However, they will purchase proven “hacks” or “systems” that guarantee improvements in a certain way.

Similar to the “How To”/Ebook recommendation, sales will be made regardless of who you are if you can compile an appropriate system for a popular gaming game.

These are the top-rated products right now:

League Of Legends
Call of Duty
World of Warcraft
Starcraft II
There are many more, but these give you an idea of what you can offer.
How to do it

You’re actually providing a “retail opportunity” for those who are interested in participating in the “global markets” of Amazon, eBay, and Google. It’s not your intention to reinvent the wheel. People in these marketplaces are looking for specific products and it is your responsibility to supply them.

It is important to offer high-quality products at a fair cost in order to make them work. Do not try to make everyone happy by trying to get them to spend too much. Instead, identify the price you are willing to pay and then offer the product/service at that rate. It’s better not to over-charge than to under-charge.