5 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

5 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

Every business owner has a story about a lesson learned on the way to success. Sometimes, the most important lessons were learned from humble mistakes and errors. Don’t repeat the mistakes of others. You can prevent these mistakes from happening to yourself.

#1 Mistake

Marketing inconsistently. A business owner can use many marketing techniques and tips to promote their company. They are wasting their time if they try to do too much. Marketing is more effective when only 2-3 methods are used consistently and well. Your message will have a more substantial impact.

#2 Mistake

It is easy to spend too much time doing non-revenue-generating activities. If you’re monitoring sales or buying something minute by minute, checking your email every 5-10 mins isn’t very productive. Emails are usually informational or requests from others who want something from you. Concentrate on activities that generate revenue.

Make #3

Don’t show appreciation to your customers. Your most excellent resource for filling a pipeline of new prospects and referrals is your current customers. Your customers will tell if you treat them well.

Make #4

Don’t ask for what you don’t want. It can boost your credibility and be a win-win situation to ask for testimonials to put on your website. To promote the provider, you can include the name of the person, their title, and website in the testimonial. Referring to others can help you get more business. You should give what you want to receive. Consider who you could refer them to within your network.

5th Mistake

It is not a good idea to manage your finances. If a company isn’t making money, it isn’t a business. Although numbers may not be your thing, managing your finances can be a challenge. If you need assistance, consult a professional. You can make informed decisions about your finances and reduce or eliminate risk.

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These mistakes can be your powerful success story. You can make it easier for people to learn more about you and your products by creating a plan. Focusing on revenue-generating activities will result in more sales. You can’t do more with your customers than you already do. You can help them achieve their goals, and they will help you. Ask for what you want and need. You can manage your finances to take decisive action.

Debra Kasowski, a transformational speaker, and author, is also a bestselling author and success coach. Debra Kasowski co-authored GPS Your Best Life. Charting Your Destination. Getting There in Style. She is also the author of The Entrepreneurial Mother’s Guide to Growing a Business and Raising a Family. Sign up for her ezine to get a free Mp3 download of 7 Resolutionary Breakthroughs To Profit and Prosper.