5 Common Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

5 Common Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have certain traits that make them successful in what they do. To dispel the myth that successful entrepreneurs are born, here are some facts. This should be good news for those who believe otherwise and it will hopefully encourage them to do bigger and better things.

These are five common traits that can be found in small-business owners who have achieved success in their chosen fields.


The spark or idea that ignites a person’s imagination is usually fueled by passion, or at the very least a personal interest. This vision is often unique and supported by strong faith or belief that it can become a reality. It is this passion that drives most successful entrepreneurs to keep their dreams alive. They also serve as the ‘target’ to keep them on track and allow them to plan the necessary actions to reach their goals.

Self confidence

You must have confidence in your abilities and choices to be successful at any task. This confidence is crucial because you will be working independently and making decisions based on your research and judgement.


Small business owners know that mistakes and setbacks are common. It is how you respond to setbacks and mistakes that are inevitable that is the most important thing. Success entrepreneurs see setbacks as opportunities to learn and not as a reason to stop them from pursuing their goals. People learn from their mistakes and are encouraged to bounce back and keep moving forward. Failure to do this will almost always lead to failure.

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Most people are not willing to “roll up their sleeves” and do whatever it takes. This is especially true if you are working on your own, without any support or encouragement from others. It is the vision, as mentioned earlier, that drives people to make it a reality. Passion is what fuels this vision! Passion is a powerful motivator and can sustain one’s drive without support from others.


Change is often required because of consumer demand, market conditions or marketing strategies that are not working. Small business owners cannot count on change so adaptability is essential! You might give up on your dream if you lack the ability to adapt, but most successful entrepreneurs excel in this area.

Entrepreneurs have certain traits that make them more successful in small business ownership. It is important to remember that most successful entrepreneurs don’t have any particular talents or attributes. They developed them over time. These are the five most important characteristics that small business owners need in order to be successful. You can build a successful small business with just a little imagination and a bit of discipline.

TJ Philpott, an author and Internet entrepreneur from North Carolina, is TJ Philpott.