4 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals Without Feeling Aggressive

4 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals Without Feeling Aggressive

Non-Pushy Examples on How to Use Word of Mouth Marketing to Grow Your Business

Word of mouth marketing is effective.

Referrals are usually among the primary factors that convince an individual to partner with you. Our company accounts for around 90-95 per cent of new business resulting through referrals.

How often do you see people seeking suggestions through social media? When someone is in need of an expert nine times out of 10, they reach out to their networks and ask for recommendations on whom they know of what they’re seeking.

A referral marketing strategy put in place will ensure that your fans are referring others to your business.

We all know how important it is to ask for references; however, when it comes to the actual asking, it may be uncomfortable or even threatening.

If you are convinced of the worth of your services, you will feel confident about being able to have others speak about your business. If you’ve got at the top of your game and established a process that has been tested, getting referrals is straightforward.

Here are four ways to gain more referrals and not feel overwhelmed, with some examples that you can implement today:

1. Set an Expectation for Referrals

When you first begin working with a new customer, You can get clients to think of your company as someone they could communicate business with. It could be something like this:

“I am thrilled to collaborate with you. When the project is complete, I’m sure you’ll be delighted with the work that we completed together. If you’re happy with our work, would you consider sharing our work with others? Referrals help us grow our business will grow.”

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It is also possible to mention your incentive for referrals that lead to a sale. For instance, we’ll offer $100 toward any SEO, website or marketing project as a way to say “thanks”. (See section 4 below for more information on this.)

2. Ask for a Virtual Introduction

One of the best ways to gain referrals is by asking the contact to make an introduction via a virtual medium to the prospective client. This is how an email goes:

Topic: Henry Mike and Mike an Introduction to the Virtual World by (your name)

Hi Mark,

I’ve worked together with Mike for the past three months now, and He’s been a great help in keeping our bookkeeping system up-to-date. I’m sure you’re searching for an experienced bookkeeper, so I thought I’d connect the two of you together.

Mike, I would like to meet Henry of Company A. I have been with him for five years, and he’s established himself within the field. He’s been accommodating to be around within my circle. He has mentioned that he requires a reliable bookkeeper, so I thought you could be of assisting him.

3. Ask Happy Clients

The ideal time to approach clients for referrals is after you have completed your work with them. They are thrilled by the results you produced and are eager to be awed by your career to the world.

Here’s an example for such an asking:

Subject Line: FIRSTNAME, Quick Question.

We’re so happy that you’re satisfied with our PRODUCT or SERVICE. I enjoy helping people just like you, so knowing that you’re satisfied with the result has made my day. In fact, it’s because of this that I had hoped to get your help…

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My goal is to assist others similar to you. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend any other individuals that could benefit from my help? I’d be grateful if you could write a quick note with a few nice words and ask them to connect with me?

With Gratitude.

4. Offer a Gift for Referrals

It is a time-consuming and time-consuming task. If you are able to give them something worth their time, it is more likely for them to be willing to give it.

To show your gratitude for their efforts, Offer them the gift card of their choice, discount, referral fee, or any other reward for a person they recommend you to employ.

You can create an affiliate page on your website. Create an email to send to your contacts and clients. Invite people to join your Facebook groups to join you. Inform your vendors that you offer rewards for referrals. You can even put a teaser in the middle of the business card, letting people know.

Here’s an example of text to apply:

You can earn X points when you refer friends or family members: I’d like to present you with [insert your referral reward here] for each person who ends up hiring me. It’s just a token of gratitude since referrals are the way we expand our business. We appreciate your consideration of us!”

I hope these brief and easy examples have enthused you. Referrals are the most cost-effective approach to establishing your business.

Making a conscious effort to ask for referrals could open the way to unending growth. Here’s to endless referrals!

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