3 Steps to Writing Great Blog Headlines

3 Steps to Writing Great Blog Headlines

The art of writing great blog headlines isn’t easy. This is the reason why many bloggers don’t take the time to create them. If you’re willing to study how to become faster at writing headlines, you’ll be amazed by the extent to which a well-crafted headline can enhance your blog’s performance.

So, what’s the trick to creating great headlines?

It’s a mix of various things.

Most importantly, it requires being an experienced copywriter. This means that you need to be aware of your target audience, imagine them, and then put in an effort to convince them with every method that is available to copywriters.

In the coming days, we’ll show you seven ways you can write excellent blog headlines. But first, #1:

1. Give a Big Promise

Your blog’s content could bring huge benefits to your readers.

For instance, it could tell users how to utilize the latest Internet marketing strategy that’s not adequately explained elsewhere.

But, if you don’t convey the information to your readers, the viewers won’t be able to see the value and won’t want to read the article.

Example: For an example, take a look at the following headline:

“Do _____ three times faster.”

For every reader, this is a very simple and concrete benefit, and if it’s something they’re looking for, there’s a high probability that they’ll be reading the article.

There’s an old saying that “content is the king. The first step in your small business’s strategies should be to know what it means!

2. Arouse Curiosity

Another way to enhance your blog’s headlines is to create curiosity.

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It will be difficult for readers to leave without first satisfying their desire by at the very least skimming over your text.
If you were to use an example from our Internet marketing example from Part 1, you could write something similar to this:

Examples: “3 Tips: How the World’s Most Strangest Marketing… ”

On average, 8/10 people will read headlines; however, only 2 out of 10 will actually read the remainder. This is the effectiveness of your headline and the reason it so strongly determines the quality of your piece. (from Copyblogger, Magnetic Headlines)

3. Use Trigger Words

If you’ve had the chance to read any guide on copywriting, you’ve likely observed that the word “trigger term” is used often.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it is any phrase or word that triggers a mental response in the mind of the reader.
Sometimes, they are referred to as “power words.
They can be extremely beneficial because they force people to act and make decisions even if an alternative decision would be a better one.

Here is a quick list of “trigger phrases” that you could consider using in your headlines on your blog:

* No cost
* News
* introduction
* New
* Announcement
* explosive
* Proven
* shocking

These strategies will aid your blog’s content to stay relevant and fresh.

Coach DONNA LAREE is an exceptional instructor and business growth coach, providing an understanding and clarity to small-business owners and direct sales managers who are willing to grow and eager for opportunities to emerge in their own business.

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